[RELEASE] Demise

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Hello, FelixSpade here. I charted some various things from conventional charting to dumps with other 4 charter as well. Compared to my previous pack, this pack have a same amount of dumps and conventional one. I called this pack ‘Demise’ as I won’t be doing much charting and play after this release.

Here’s some songlist:

Beginner’s diff contains dumps, Hard contains conventional charting, and Challenge contains semi-dumps.
Have fun!

Special thanks to eZmmR, ChocoCoki-, 2ndlegend, and Onta_Bekasi for contributing in this pack!
Also thanks to Bestfast, Evening, and nayuu for playtesting and modding Goldrop!


ive never seen so many new packs coming out on the forums this is awesome. Congrats on the release btw :slight_smile:

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some of the charts are abit too straightforward for the song for my liking but pretty good

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