[Release] Chilean Dump Minipack

song choice

1. Clockwalk Around The Ache / Asian Glow & Weatherday
2. El sueno pesa (ft. Chini Ayarza) / Ninos del Cerro
3. everyone hates me / axtrmnt
4. first death / TK from Ling tosite sigure
5. girls just want 2 have fun / MIMIDEATH
6. Helena / My Chemical Romance
7. KICK BACK / Kenshi Yonezu
8. March Of The Pigs / Nine Inch Nails
9. Mi Modesta Ceguera Personal / Ninos Del Cerro
10. Middle of Night Middle of Night / Guitar Fight from Fooly Cooly
11. MO-MO-KU / Marmalade butcher
12. Noah Fence / Origami Angel
13. Nonato Coo / Ninos Del Cerro
14. Slumber / Charmer
15. The Title Track / Origami Angel

other pack i made it in one night so im not too proud of it. this pack has some charts i didnt upload yet some charts are very well done and some are just boring :confused:
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Falta Chile en el pack de Chile, espero mas Chile para la secuela Chile 2


falta un leo(137)n acá

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