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once more 'round the sun

91 charts of varying difficulty (full range being 15 to 31msd), caustic_conversion is another large collection of files that are mostly geared toward my own personal tastes as player - there’s a ton of metal this time around so if you’re into that hold onto ur butts

for those that aren’t aware, this’ll be my last major pack (besides EVGP which is still moving along no worries) for the foreseeable future; it sort of dawned on me this year that the drive i once had to release a pack yearly has slowed down significantly, and i think its time i take a long break from pack making

this doesn’t mean i’m done with charting, far from it even! but i’d rather just focus more on individual charts and submissions to other packs than spending half a year to a year on a single project (it gets stressful lmao)

i hope this pack is fun for ya’ll to playthrough, so long and thanks for all the fish

my wonderful friend grayson for whipping up the banner on short notice, love u bro

me for being dumb enough to make another fat fuck of a pack

everyone that playtested the pack when i wasn’t able to

and everyone that subbed, which is the following:


christmas paq, merry christmas and happy pack release!!

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Merry Christmas! Updated pack link in OP due to wrong file being shipped, downloads after this post will be fine.

EO: https://downloads.etternaonline.com/packs/Caustic_Conversion.zip
GDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SfUCg8G9_qAkLbWf6t-nxq_aefknibBW/view?usp=share_link

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the long awaited paq finally here

its chrimas today

merry paqmas

oh god I’m boutta paq


where is ska files

also good pack

where is ska files

ska did not send anything

can’t wait to dig in to this :chicken:

this paq is very good (approve) (:+1:+1)

i got bored so im going to give my editor opinions on some charts in the pack. It’ll just be short impressions nothing serious ^^


  • A better place, a better time (Ptet):

I really like the mines in the intro, the flares for the “oh oh oh oh” parts are also super cute, the speedup part that’s all 16ths was really cool too. As for the dumping, it was as I expected, super polished, super clean, very refined poly dumping, as expected from ptet. Lots of unique flare to give the chart personality. Good hold usage too. The drum fills being mostly accurately charted is also a nice touch

  • a life with the sun (Guil)

Overall cute file. Lots of flare in it with the plucky parts. Also interesting hold use

  • Aegleseeker (Gazelle & Elekton)

this chart has really really clean minijack use, and knows when to nerf things to represent the most intense sounds cleanly. Keeping the trend of techy charts for frums songs being consistently interesting to play/acc


I already talked to zeta in dm’s about this chart before. Banger chart. My kinda fuckin jacks. I’d expect nothing less from zeta though, he always finds cool ways to incorporate jack patterning

  • Anti Function (Elekton)

This is one of those files where i really wish i didn’t injury my hand. I want to gorilla those 32nd patterns. Super interesting stuff, chart compliments the song really well

  • Argos (Samctuary)

This is my own chart, I had fun making the patterning for this one

  • Armour-clad Faith (Samctuary & Tim)

Another one of my own charts (collab with Tim). This was a chart I had abandoned and tim took over, filling in the empty parts. I think it turned out really well. We wanted this to be the type of chart you can gorilla headbang to - to match the playstyle of pot mains :slight_smile: I like to think we accomplished tha

  • Ask to Wind (Tim)

cute bg!!! I don’t have much to say, this chart is super cute and matches the song’s intensity and feel perfectly. Really nice chart


I can always trust lein to make cool minijack JS patterns. Solid chart, I’m always a fan of minijack js

  • Backseat Freestyle (Tim)

I’m praying my dick get as big as the Eiffel tower

  • Bad Maniacs (theropfather)

Decent chart, the trills and minijacks in the earlier part are pretty cool

  • be okay (Seiho Remix) (Tim)

fuck you for making me listen to this song again. anyway; this chart has some cute patterning in it. Pretty interesting, changes up a lot and the different segments have their own flair

  • Black and White Kagura Bonnoku 777 Rules (Tim)

Not much to say on this one realistically. Banger swing chart with fun as fuck patterning. Super fun to acc!

  • Black Emperor (IN/Oni/Challenge) (Elekton)

the intro 24th patterns are funny i like them. The holds later on though are :ok_hand: chef’s kiss

  • Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley (Foxtail & Ptet)

Very clean, very refined, very polished poly dump, good stuff. I really like some of the patterns in this

  • Blue-White Crazystars (Tim)

My favourite NBJS submission! Jokes aside this chart has some fun patterns and some funny patterns.

  • Callima Karma (XingRen)

Xing once again continuing to be one of the most creative charters around at the moment. Incorporating more gimmicks into this one to jumpscare the player as the song tries to. Lots of unique stuff here, excellent job. I love seeing what xingren cooks up when they do gimmick stuff. Their recent stuff has consistently been such a banger to watch/play.

  • Celestial Axes (Caliber)

This file looks decent. Very straightforward file with interesting patterning in places, not much else to say

  • Common Battle (Samctuary)

This is another one of my charts. I had a lot of fun charting this.

  • Credits (Samctuary)

Another one of my charts. This was actually the first chart I made after coming back from my injury for charting. It’s a very simple chart

  • Crossbone Gundam Skullheart (Tim)

JACK MOTHERFUCKER. Sex jacks. Skwid game type beat. My favourite. I love this type of jack shit, always welcome to see it.

  • Cry of the Brave (Tim)

Not sure how to word it, but this chart feels… nostalgic. Brings me back to when i was trying to brute force my way through Soldiers of The Stamina years ago. Regardless, chart is solid. Very good icy impression

  • Cyclone Joker (Tim)

Now this is a fucking banger. This is one of the few I was able to play before I had to quit for a bit - Good ass file. Really fun throughout. Super nice to acc

  • Dear Diary (Tim)

Fucking sex intro. This chart is bloody intense, matches the song perfectly. I like it. Also ++ for mine use. The mines are really clean in the breakdown

  • Departure (lemonguy)

Oh no now this song is gonna be stuck in my head for another 3 years. Anyway, that intro was dope, and the rest of the chart is solid, albeit brutal. Some of the solo patterns are hella spicy

  • Disturbed Mind (Caliber)

Mostly a very straightforward file, though the minijack section was cool :smiley:

  • Endwalker Chiptune Version (Tim)

Very simple chart, but done very cleanly. Lots of cute expression, I love the mine use for faded sounds at the start

  • Euphoric Lagoon (Zeta)

Basically zeta’s sambaland. This chart slaps though, very fun patterning, perfect key slapping material. The jacks feel great to hit, also very nice colour theory

  • Fever Dream (Ptet)

Ptech! This chart is very straightforward, but it’s very very clean and I really like the hold use. The intro is stellar too, very fun chart

  • Final-Boss-Chan (Tim)

There has to be camellia somewhere in the pack i guess, this is the chart. Chart is very solid though. Cute patterns, lots of trills, and sex jacks in places

  • Find a Way Out (Tim)

Queue the trackmania PB montage with this music in the background. furst half is Very straightforward, and very clean. Perfect chart for if someone really likes this song and wants to vibe while playing. Second drop is really cool.

  • Fireball (lemonguy)

It’s called fireball because you’ll crash and burn trying to AA this. (Interesting chart, very brutal. Good for someone who wants a challenge)

  • Flying High (DJ Splash Remix) (DMRIw & Celebelian)

!!!BANGER SONG ALERT!!! blast it out ya council house window like. Really though, this chart does some interesting stuff, and the song choice is exquisite. Good ass chart, very nice. Man this song is nostalgic

  • Friends Under Coils (Zeta)

Pure tech chart, everything is where it should be, super polished and very fun to acc. Nothing else to say, just very clean and immersive tech

  • German Skeleton (Martzi)


  • Glimpse of Us (Foxtail)

This chart has some really neat patterning. Very expressive patterning, clean stuff. I like it

  • Go Easy!! (Celebelian)

This is the sexy trill patterning I know from celebelian. Really nice dump, getting expression despite very limited snap use. Very well done

  • Goddess Bound (Wiosna)

The intro to this is cool, rest of the chart is super polished and clean, with fun little flairs scattered throughout.

  • Grave Consequence (Autotelic)

Cute patterning, very fun to acc, overall fun chart. I like the minijack usages

  • Hawatari Nioku Centi (Wiosna)

Interesting chart. Very different from my approach. I’m charting this song too, got sniped by this pack, I’ll wait for a full version of the song to continue mine - if a full version ever releases. This chart has lots of cool ideas in it, and fun patterns. The breakcore section is very very clean, and the dumpy parts help with the intensity of the chart.

  • Headspace (Tim)

Tim you already know i like this file, since we talked about our files back when the contest was on. but for anyone else, summary: Really cool approach for the song, very different from mine

  • Heavy Day (Samctuary)

This is another one of my charts. This was a very simple dump to celebrate xrd getting rollback, its just a mindless fun dump to blast your fingers to.

  • Hera (lemonguy)

Missed chance to put a super long longjack 0/10. Jokes aside, solid chart, fun jacks throughout.

  • Hic Svnt Leones (Tim)

very smooth dump throughout, the jacks in this are really nice to hit too. ESPECIALLY the small quadstream segments

  • hydra long edit (Caliber)

Why the long empty intro? Otherwise, very straightforward file. Very polished for what it is though, does everything it wants to do cleanly, and with no fuss. Extremely refined JS

  • Hype sky delta remix (LeiN-)

Very straightforward file again, but with some more complex parts occasionally, keeps things more interesting than if it was just purely sticking to its theme. Good stuff

  • Impietas + Deathwish (Tim)

Very interesting dump. I loved the mineart. This feels like a more experimental file from you in the first half. I like it, second half is a bit more traditional.

  • In My Love (Celebelian)

It’s weird how rare dense hs charts are these days. This chart is straight forward, but clearly has a lot of polish in it, looks like it would be really fun. It’s broken up quiet a lot too so it never gets too tedious, with lots of small changes to keep it interesting.

  • IT’S ABOUT POWER (Martzi)


  • JENOVA (SnoopCat)

Now this is a nostalgic type of chart. Just pure 32nd stream dump with breaks.

  • Jikininki (Wiosna)

A classic acc chart, 16ths with some flair here and there, accurate to the song. Looks like it would be really fun to try and AAA/AAAA

  • Keke Thats My Kitty (Tim)

I can’t believe she’s adopted. We got a LOT of cats, savin’ em!

  • Life is beautiful (LeiN-)

This chart slaps. Fun patterning throughout, lots of fun to acc. Really interesting stuff.

  • Life is PIANO (brug)

Very simple chart, very clean, and the jack use is cute, I like the inclusion of the holds later on

  • Looking For You (Celebelian)

GT6 music is sex. Anyway, chart; really nice density management throughout this. Really nice dump with interesting stuff throughout

  • Love Song (Tim)

you already know my response to this from when you first dm’d me it. “fucking hell tim”. This chart is brutal, but its fucking great. perfectly compliments the track, the patterns are so cruel. Excellent use of colours for expression. Overall good ass chart

  • Love the Subhuman Self (Zeta)

This is by far zeta’s best ever dump. This is legitimately an amazing dump mate. I love how ytou expressed stuff throughout it. Extremely fun to play, good shit all round.

  • me & u (Kara Edit) (Wiosna & LeiN-)

Minijack js :smiley: this looks really fun, I love the minijack use here, lots of different sections that look unique

  • Meet Again (Tim)

this chart is cool, feels great to acc. Lots of fun stuff in here. Very much so a fan. Cool hold use, cool tech, cool patterns.

  • Messier 333 (lemonguy)

Very stamina intense chordjacking. Big fan. This looks super fun to play. Very straightforward chart, fun patterns.

  • Mortal Kombat (Windoze)

I laughed. This chart is great, well done windoze. Extremely unique chart lmao, I can see you had a lot of fun


cool ass intro, very straight forward file. Extremely polished and clean though, with some cool little bursts scattered throughout

  • najimi breakers (Tim)

You already know my opinion on this tim but ill summarise: very cute chart with fun patterning

  • Nemo (void)

this song lmao. This chart is really good, probably one of your best dumps.

  • Noise Of Yandere (Tim)

Now this is one hell of a scoring file. It changes it enough to never get mentally draining, but is consistent throughout. Extremely fun, one of the only scoring files I intend to play frequently when I can

  • One-Sided Love Samba (Martzi)

Another one of my charts. This one was extremely funny to make, and after finishing it, I immediately had to go AA it because the jacks are exactly what i enjoy playing. It’s a very silly chart.

  • Only You (Pogeybuster)

I think this is my first time seeing a pogey chart in a pack. This chart is pretty interesting, has some nice patterning, I like how it emphasises the instrumental still while dumping the vocals. Good awareness of what to give the focus to at what points.

  • Paradizm (Zeta)

Good ass zeta tech chart. It’s exactly what it sounds like, cool jazzy tech. Fun to acc throughout

  • Paralyzer (Zeta & Lofty)

Zeta and lofty are a scary pair to have together for a chart called paralyzer, and with patterns like these, my worries were justified - however, I love this. It’s super unique. Feels just like the song, slightly wacky and out there. Perfect representation of the song, good shit you two, really memorable file.

  • Parasite Eve (theropfather)

This chart has some interesting concepts in it. Nice to see charters experimenting.

  • Pinboke Wonder-World Peace (Tim)

This looks like it would be really fun to acc. Lots of variety, and fun patterning.

  • QiXiN MAdN3ss 2153 (brug)

This chart has lots of really cool ideas, and it executes them really cleanly. Super polished chart.

  • Rationalist (Wiosna)

Lets gooo more minijack js. sex patterning. This is just a solid ass accuracy chart. Looks like it would be super fun to acc.

  • re_high (Tim)

Cute song :smiley: this is another super fun acc file! It does have a forced bad roll in it but oh well.

  • Return to Universe (LeiN-)

This is a very straightforward chart throughout, but its clean and consistent and very polished.

  • Rhythmy [Joulez Remix] (LeiN-)

Same as above really, very consistent throughout, and a very straightforward file that’s highly polished. Overall clean chart

  • rog-unlimitation (riktoi)

Probably one of the best riktoi files ive seen. The js in this is really interesting, fun to play patterns with some jacky breaks. Overall solid chart with plenty of variation

  • Satch Boogie (Foxfire)

Excellent tech chart. Extremely immersive stuff to acc wityh fun patterns throughout, lots of unique stuff, and patterns you wouldn’t normally see anywhere else. Very memorable file, good shit with some challenging patterning sometimes. Gonna be a bitch to acc, but worth it.

  • She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods (Tim & Wiosna)

This chart is very interesting, lots of neat stuff in it. It looks like it’d be really fun to acc. Really nice, and extremely polished as always

  • Six (Wiosna)

This chart is neat. It has a js section in it but its surrounded by cool stuff. Overall really nice accurate chart to vibe with and enjoy. Matches the feel of the song very well.

  • Sky Above (DMRIw)

This chart has some fun patterns in it. It’s lots of broken js stuff, overall pretty nice.

  • Smokin’ Drinkin’ (Tim)

what were u smokin’ drinkin’ for these patterns. I like em, my poor stamina though.

  • Sousyou Soukoku (Windoze)

The jack stuff in this is really cool, and while it repeats a lot, the intro has some very unique js patterning. Overall really interesting chart

  • Stella-rium (DJ Noriken Bootleg) (LeiN-)

This is a very straight forward chart, but it has some cute stuff in it like a mini hold section. Overall very polished, and consistent throughout.

  • STEPPERZ (Tim)

Hello, and welcome to STEPPERZ anonymous. Today we’re going to introduce ourselves. Hi, I’m Martzi, and I make awful charts. Shitposting aside, cool chart, lots of cool shit in it, feels great to play, and is immersive despite the song being pretty loud. Overall interesting chart

  • Sunday 2pm (Tim)

Dear Diary, today is Sunday. it is currently 2pm, and I’m reviewing charts. Today’s chart is by tim, and its a chordjack chart to gorilla. It’s a solid chart.

  • TABRIS (temma)

This has some very interesting patterns. Really unique chart, i like how you experimented with patterning

  • The Audacity (Elekton)

This chart is super cool. I really enjoyed how plucky it was, I found myself intentionally tapping as if there were mines sometimes due to how plucky the song was, to try match it. Really good chart.

  • The Red and White (lemonguy)

the piano segment is really nice in this. Rest of the chart is consistent and p stamina draining and the none-scoring parts are neat.

  • Vicious Circles (Wiosna)

The 12th jack part in this is sick as fuck. Cool chart overall, good stuff.

  • Welcome To… (Ptet)

This is a cool dump. Lots of interesting patterns and some other stuff. I really like how you incorporated minijacks into the expression too.

That’s every chart. Overall opinion of the pack is: fucking great


good stuff