[Release] cadeira originals

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Well, it was a while after I had abandoned some projects and basically stopped a bit with etterna because I was really saving my time and well, I wasn’t very active in a way so I guess it doesn’t make much difference in that fact, as far as I know. This pack was more a way for me to advance a bit more in charting and basically evolve a bit in digesting the patterns (if there is a specific term for it) and also try to do something more serious and as the name says, more “original”. (it just sounds like a cool name, don’t think it’s a yolomania 2 or something like that)

The pack has some diverse charts, but some focus on dump and also speed, but not apart from others that are stamina and jack, besides the focus of being almost all charts of mine (with inclusion of some from tew) to see if I could deliver something more coherent to my taste and well, to this day I don’t know how to chart technical, so I think I do well in those other types of patterns.

So, here is the songlist:

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made some updates on 12/06, pls re-download

Could you please upload somewhere that isn’t Mediafire (e.g. Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox), I am still getting copyright blocked trying to download your pack.

i know about this issue, but i’m not with the original package bc i don’t moved my old things for this new pc, so you have to wait a while

link issue fixed

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