[RELEASE] Bitchfucker's Moist Conspiracy Theory


Hello my dear my good friends,

We have gathered here today to discuss the murder of Bitchfucker. So instead of stroking your estrogen beef burger that makes you old while talking about how Miyamoto Musashi was not the cause of the 9/15 incident in Chicago, we will go intot detail on the death of our beloved fucker of bitchers. Early Thursday morning, the body of Bitchfucker was found in a puddle of blood, assuminglky their own. we wondferd who did it, was it themselve or the other? no one knows and I’nm done fucking writing this nonsense. Here’s a shitty pack. I MEASN OGOD PACK!!!

no songlist because yous bitches, secret surprise pudding!!!
turkey slurpee GLuUMP

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r.i.p Bitchfucker. may their very wet legacy live on in the sparkling dreams of everyone’s inner stepman,;