[Release] Amber Chores

Finally, after 8 months of being in the works, I present to you, my first pack: Amber Chores!

I poured a lot of my time, energy, passion, and love into this pack - I really do hope you all enjoy playing the charts in the pack as much as I had fun charting them.

The pack consists of almost every major type of chart type: Jumpstream, Handstream, Dumpstream, Chordjacks, etc… and even minedodge!

Download the pack now: Amber Chores

Here is the song list - there’s 96 charts in total. Click to expand:

Thank you to everyone who submitted to my pack:
mystic usagi, Dizzy, midgy, DMRIw, Bauwau, EBE, kurulen, wings, Ing

… and thank you to all of you for your advice, patience, and emotional support;
YuRiA, Hori, Alyssa, Aquellex, chxu, ositz, Zeta, Eppu, Fisu, CubeSolver25, Genjink, Spiral, UnityBoi, beeboopbop, scrambled, Mkdasher, MarcusHawkins, CausticBlaze, edmspack, lopan, NekoNora, lethal, Shield, Noobies, frawog, Amanda, lights, Instakill, Ashix

Without you all, this pack would have not been possible! :purple_heart:


huge release

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no way

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thank you for the paq

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paq on my bday yaaay :smile:

good job :smile: :smile:

amber makes pack > farms all the maps > 40 msd


thank you for the new pankake