Reality Check Judgement

Sick of fluffy judgements coddling you when playing for high accuracy? Tired of being hyped up on a good run and throwing it all away? I may have something that can help.

Improve your consistency and quell your nerves by reminding yourself that pretty much anything you do is not very good. Never let a “perfect” or a “great” mock you again while trying to acc. Typeface used is Franklin M54 by justme54s. This type can be used for personal or non commercial use without license.

  • Download and insert within Etterna\Assets\Judgements
  • Ensure it’s name is Judgment Normal 1x6.png, and that you overwrite the default one.


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so if i get an fc with this noteskin is it a pfc

its a sfc 10 characters

no thats what a pfc would be

No, @Windoze is correct. You’d earn yourself a Poor Full Combo, or PFC! Subpar Full Combo (SFC) would be your new PFC.

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