Raze's Complete Keyboard Carnage Submissions Open

After 2 years of development, Raze’s Complete Keyboard Carnage is opening submissions to the public!
The rules for submitting songs are as follows:

  • Files MUST be over 20 MSD. If you have a file that dips below 20 MSD due to being underrated by the calculator, it will be determined by me.

  • THERE IS A STRICT NO DRAMA POLICY! We all hate drama and toxicity in the community, and it ruins a lot of things. Toxicity and drama won’t be tolerated with submissions. If someone you hate submits to the pack and you have an issue, deal with it. If you continue to be toxic, your charts will be rejected.

  • Certain song genres will not be accepted due to them being plain annoying.

  • Impossible files will not be accepted into the pack. While the pack is made to have hard and spiky files, vibro files and 50 MSD cakefests will not be accepted.

  • Files that already exist in the pack can still have that song submitted. It will stack in a different difficulty with the existing file, this allows people to have an easier chance to get in without having to make a new file.

  • Collaboration files will be accepted into the file, so get your friends involved in the charting fun!

  • GFX will be done by me unless something comes up otherwise.

Well, I think that’s it for what I need to say about submissions.

Send in your files through my DMs on Twitter or Discord. You can also send a whisper to me on Twitch. All respective links/names will be below.
Discord: -Raze009-#7450
Twitch: @Raze0092
Best of luck charting, and have fun smashing arrows!


might be important to outline what genres you don’t want being submitted to you so people don’t send something wondering whether or not you even like the genre to begin with

top ten ironic posts



do you accept nbjs6 wannabe charts of camellia songs ported from osu and a low bitrate mp3?

if so, i’m in.

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go ahead if you want

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bumping the thread

This had no activity nor updates in a very long time, so this pack may be considered cancelled.