Question regarding my scores

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but this has been bugging me ever since I started playing etterna. Sometimes when I finish a song and look at my score chart, it looks incredibly weird like this:

There end up being these weird lines like some alien creation, and when I look at similar scores on the same chart, they look normal! Here is the link to my score in question too.

At first I thought this was because I was using a 60hz monitor and an older computer, but I’m now using a 165 hz monitor with a new pc, and with the refresh rate in etterna set to 165. Yet the alien activity continues. (This happens to me in stream AND jumpstream charts.) Maybe this is normal and I’m losing sleep over nothing. If so someone please tell me lol.

its your keyboard

Yeaaaa that’s probably true, given its the one variable I haven’t accounted for too. Welp, time to research good keyboards, and thank you for the response.