Pull 2018 scores i liked

my hands are fucked so while i can’t play i might aswell archive progress and then look back at it when i’m better again


the end jacks owned AA

so here’s a jack score instead, wish i had enough jack speed for 1.0 but not yet

my favorite skwid file

AA through free dp

this one refused to upload so i put it to imgur to ensure it gets compressed

not that good in hindsight but i’m bad at js stuff so it felt nice

AA’d the hard part

this one’s annoying 'cause i don’t actually like it but i can’t even touch the score now lmao

chordjank, tuk tuk felt slow and easy but i can’t beat it now olo

my own files wau

last score of 2018

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very cool player :exploding_head: looking forward to being reminded of that more in the future

cool but the title says 2018 for some reason

Because he went back to the results screen to take new screenshots, none of these scores were achieved today, or presumably in 2019.

gang shit @Pull