Possible Step Charts?

I know I’m unknown around these parts, buttt I thought I’d bring light to a couple songs that I think would be awesome charts for someone to step! They’re both by the same artist, MusicalBasics on YouTube. I could see them being very technical and fun with a variety of difficulties if someone is up to it! Great twists on each but take a listen for yourselves!

Fur Elise Nightmare
Beethoven’s Hell

anything is a possible stepchart. make your dreams a reality senpai.

I can try :wink:

Oh man! That would be incredible haha you don’t really find new pieces made now a days that give mid-late 2000’s Stepmania vibes. I feel like they’d fit well in a variety of packs too

Yeah, there is a lot of work with timing so this sounds like challenge. But nothing isn’t impossible.