Petition to ban and murder people who use transparent mines

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i use big fat red X mines
anything less and i might as well have nomines on


apparently i need to type more

I would use transparent mines if I wasn’t so lazy.

I just use big red dots as mines because I cannot play with the default mines anymore.

But transparent mines? what kind of uncultured swine uses that?

When do we start the public lynching? I have a rusty pipe I can use

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Transparent mines means you can’t appreciate mine art, which is basically a crime against artistic liberty and expression. A man who cannot appreciate art is hardly a man who can ever be trusted; we are better when we rid ourselves of these depraved traitors of human expression.


I don’t appreciate mine-art. It’s like modern art. Not real art

This is a travesty. Repent, before your wickedness consumes you.