Persistent Sound App Bug?

Ok, so I’ve had this for a little bit, but this is a little annoyance on Linux (I use Mint 21.2).

Basically, when I exit the game, it does a few things. One of them is that it looks like Etterna is essentially running in the background, when I know it’s closed, and the only way to reset this is to either restart my PC or log out and log back in. I don’t know how this could happen. Maybe it’s a memory leak bug?

the game runs a second process called the crashpad_handler or something similar (it should be named something different from etterna, just maybe as a subprocess), which could live longer than the game itself if the game was closed in an ungraceful fashion as it attempts to upload crash logs to the remote server for about a minute. it wouldnt try to do that if you have that preference turned off (and it is off by default unless you turn it on). if this is off and that process sits alive then i dont know

My problem has to do with the Crashpad Handler, as it makes multiple instances of Etterna as an app, and it shows in the Volume thing, despite the fact that I hadn’t crashed at all. In all instances of it, I left voluntarily, and yet, this Crashpad thing keeps it on there. Is this a telemetry thing that’s on the system persistently, or am I missing something?

Edit: I didn’t mention it was on 0.72.3 (the latest version from Github), so that might have been it. I’ll test it with 0.72.2, and see what happens.

Edit 2: I was wrong about the versioning, as I had gotten it mixed up. As expected, when I leave the game without crashing, this happens, as pictured:
Screenshot from 2023-08-25 14-59-20

Mind you, this is not when I crash, nor is the game running. On top of that, I have the crash reporting turned off too, so that can’t be it. This annoyance is, my guess, a bug should be fixed.

the process is started separate from the game at the same time the game opens and is meant to exit at about the same time the main game does. it should not persist indefinitely, so this behavior is not intended. if you wait long enough, does it ever exit by itself?

The Crashpad Handler process does not exit by itself, but when I exit the game, the game’s process ends, but that volume thing as I had shown will persist. I think that’s a bug within the Handler not terminating when the game terminates, despite the fact I have the crash reporting turned off. That I find strange.

And I have to restart my PC to get rid of that persistent App volume thing, so that’s not good news for me either.

the reporting preference is only for uploading the crashdumps to the remote server, while the process simply always exists in order to generate crash dumps if you choose to locally decode or manually upload dumps later. i dont have the ability to diagnose or test this problem, so an issue on github needs to be made with as much detail as possible