[Pad Release] Goreshit 2020

Download Link : File on MEGA
Song Wheel : [ITG RELEASE] goreshit 2020 OUT NOW! (Read Description) - YouTube

goreshit 2020 is a stream/stamina pack based on songs from goreshit, includes resteps from Happy Feet’s Goreshit pack and new songs from his recent albums. This pack started in 2017 with the release of Goretrance X, most of the charts come from that year yet were QA’d for better playability, it also includes submissions from high qualified stepmakers as Zaia, Implode, Stuff Illusionist, PCBoyGames, ZoG-, ChasePines_101, UVCat, zaniel and yutsi.
Level range goes from 13 to 26, aiming to stamina players around 16 to 18, comes with footspeed charts for people who plays higher levels, and lower difficulties for lower players. And last and most importantly, this pack features 2 marathons (Goretrance 3 Restep and Goretrance X), going from 19 to 23 respectively. That being said, i hope you enjoy this pack as much as i enjoyed making it in these 3 years, happy streaming!