[Pack Release] Yokkako's Variety Collection

67 maps included, 25.87MSD average + 18.23MSD - 35.40MSD total range
jumpstream, chordjacks, technical and more
Google Drive download HERE

Hi everyone ^^

Since a friend asked me to, I decided to upload a whole bunch of my maps as a pack.
The maps included were created some time between early 2021 and June 2022, so I apologize if the quality in some of my older maps lacks a bit.
All maps in this pack were created by me.
(*STRONG 280 Edit technically belongs to 11Bit, but I have full permission to make the edit / reupload it)


my bad about forgetting to cut the intro of 3 songs haha
any feedback is appreciated, it’s best to message me on Discord (Yokkako#3451)

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