(Pack Release) Vela's Velato v3 - Take Back the Falls

                            ▚▚▚VALENTINE'S DAY RELEASE▚▚▚


(please the banner or the text your reading download of pack)

THE \PACKAGE lives ! The package are assembly ONE TWO THREE ASSEMBLED linearly in line; the 3st installment in webtoon serie “Vela’s Toe”.
1800-FOURTY-FOUR poems to listen to as the Etterna Bard reads the poem off to you’re ear ~~

Package end - Depression. No more package “Vela’s Velato” type moreany as I’ve sprinted out of Gravity Falls Weirdmageddon capitulations name after.
velaachlorine will continue use it’s feet in the charting hardware but willn’t probably host another pack…

The steps was write in notepad! By many of the stepper all around a globe!

  • ricetoast
  • StarrySergal
  • Cuckson
  • velaachlorine
  • Malalaika
  • DMRIw
  • Leverage
  • Feylos
  • nonyu
  • Sakisagee
  • Windoze
  • Sun Wu
  • toony3243
  • SoldierLovesTacos
  • towakane
  • FirstMaple
  • Miaurichesu
  • DeltaEpsilon
  • Sklitterbeer

And the honorable mention “Zeta64” alias “zeta” who were about to upside an chart into velaachlorine’s solid state drive (lie i don’t have one) but failed to deliver on time !

Song of List

As always, a VSD (Vela Standardized Difficulty) number was attached inside of each file the MSD has a tendency of being Inaccuracy. This is why. I put VSD. !

What now?

The Velato series will be baked, and then there will be cake.



Zeta Section

econocmic compensation

This section is dedicated to the singer Pitbull who unfortunately failed to respond to my email about being featured in the Last Trip GFX!!!

zecouchi dont know what this is


tiem… to game

Very cool!10characters

candle man delivers package with unmatched intensity insanity … WOW!!!

now THIS, is Epic pak

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wtf new vela package?

this is so EPIC

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the paqu relese

I’m the boss

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what’s in the zCD folder

Providence.gif is as cool as eo.mp4
Thank you velier

croqueta une taberu legalmente :+1::+1: monsieur vela :herb: