[Pack Release] v2style (offset fixed)

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hey everyone!
this is my first pack, called v2style
this pack contains charts of different skill sets and difficulties.

special thanks to @poco0317 for helping me with the sync :heart:

Package Overview
・pack name:v2style
・diff range:22.55 - 30.83
・pattern:jumpstream, jumptrill, brackets, split trills, index stream, dumpstream, chordjack, speedjack
・creator:V2power aka Weisenheimer

i hope you guys enjoy it!


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tks for playing!

do you remember the charts that is offsync?
I’ll try to work on it.


thanks to this response i went through all the files and compiled the degree to which they are off sync. except some of the differences are negative and i didnt tell you which ones, so you still have to go through them yourself and fix it

avoid me - off by 8ms
boom boom boom - off by 19ms
breakthrough - off by 54ms
captain jack - missing a bpm change, song drifts off sync by a couple ms
crossroad - off by 58ms
defeat the boss - wrong bpm and first note off by 45ms
devastating - off by 55ms
hardkore - off by 53ms
julian - off by 14ms
little star - off by 58ms
love fatality - missing a bpm change, drift by maybe 2ms
marginal consciousness - off by 28ms, missing bpm change makes it worse
mynarco - off by 50ms
over limit - off by 51ms
reunion - off by 55ms
root of evil - off by maybe 5ms the waveform (song) sucks
seirei gensou - off by 2-4ms
super hero - off by 13ms
sweet rain - off by maybe 4ms
thunderbolt - off by 61ms
trance de janeiro - off by about 49ms
trepidation - off by 23ms
v2 - off by 51ms
water lily - off by 56ms

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You Values match with my values. Great


poco thank you very much!
Sorry for the delay, I’ll work on it.

Thanks again <3