[Pack Release] they stoled my stepmania files

Link to Download

  • updated due incorrect offset (maybe a arrowvortex’s convert issue)
  • and removed some files bc i don’t liked it so much

well, it’s been a while isn’t it? anyway, i’m back with another release after a while because of some personal problems with me and well, we’re not here to talk about that but also because of this context, this pack i liked to do because of the songs that came with me (removing the ones i did most to make fun of, obviously) and with that, i must say that it was a very calm
pack for me to do and also to learn some things and try to follow the charting tips i received in general, thanks to those who helped me with this, already thanking you in advance.

explaining briefly, the pack has some easier files and some very difficult ones, but nothing that passes 36msd, incredible as it may seem, one of the most difficult would be only 2 maps, which are the mario paint and disconnected trance and one that was deleted from the pack for being a real file very dense in relation to msd, being 50msd (something that not even i imagined it would be done and the chart was only made for the meme, even i don’t like thefinal result) anyway, there are also some with less than 27msd that are very nice files. i’m not lying, and they also made me have a lot of fun when i stepped them.

in a nutshell, they stoled my simfiles.

and there is the songlist:

the files are offsync

if you want people to play the files i would do another pass on sync because the rankers definitely wont do anything for you there

i will fix this, ty

Did you make these files in Osu!Mania? If you didn’t know, we can’t skip 20 second long intros.

yes, i know and i didn’t see any problems with that :v

Well the problem is we, well atleast I, don’t want to wait almost half a minute to play a file everytime we/I want to play it.

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yes and converted it on arrowvortex

This is pretty fun, I really enjoy this kind of dumps