[Pack Release] Shadormix 2

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I’m bad at formal stuff like this so I’ll keep it as short as possible. This is a pack Ormix and I have been working off and on over the years and it’s finally at a point where i feel its in a well enough state to be released. There are 103 different files, with a lot of types of patterning, mainly stream and tech though there should be enough variety for everyone. There are also a handful of very dumpy/joke files that are offsync and more memes than anything but that is part of the fun, so try and not take those files too seriously lol. The difficulty of the pack ranges from files that are easily quaddable to files that even the best of players will find difficult if not almost impossible to AA. Some of these files are also very old, even older than 10 years in some cases and were dug up and revived for some modern fun.
(P.S. Sorry for the lazy google image graphics lol)

At the end of the day this is a dump pack, so try and enjoy it for what it is!

Btw no song list preview because im lazy sorry lol

Thanks to the following people for contributing and helping me see this pack to the finish line:
James May

Also thanks to Nixo, Foxfire, April, Etienne, Sillyfangirl, and everyone else who I might have forgot that helped play test and tweak certain files.


I better find a shadow1800’s op file in here

WHAAAAAAAT!!body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

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momentous occasion

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4 of the files (19-2000, Anxious Heart, Panini, Purple Lamborghini) in the pack have .ssc, which caused the songlist generator to error out. Despite having .ssc’s, the songlist preview was successful when I saved an .sm into them.

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