[Pack Release/s] Pizza69's Slices of Heaven

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Welcome to the grand opening of Pizza69’s Slices of Heaven! With over 60 delicious options to choose from, we’re sure to leave you satisfied, whether you prefer the classics or delight in adventure. We offer five different combo deals:

1) Pizza69’s Meat Lovers Minipack: For lovers of all things meaty! This pack contains files that primarily test physicality, be it raw speed or raw stamina. Some files here are still rather technical, but don’t be discouraged–they’ll still provide everything you need to get those muscles big and strong!

2) Pizza69’s Habanero Hot Sauce Minipack: If you like it spicy, this is the pack for you. Files here are predominantly technical, featuring fast bursts, quick jacks, or unusual patterns and rhythms–or maybe all of the above!

3) Pizza69’s Chef’s Special Minipack: Lovingly crafted for connoiseurs’ palates, this pack boasts some of our finest flavours. Files here prioritize matching the feeling and atmosphere of the song, with less emphasis on being “scoreable”; they may be particularly long, and their difficulty curves are often far from flat. Despite their exotic natures, these flavours are no less delicious than our others. Give them a try–you won’t regret it!

4) Pizza69’s Cheese Deluxe Minipack: For those seeking a simpler (yet equally tasty) dining experience. Aimed at novice-to-intermediate players, this pack contains files up to a maximum of around 16.5 MSD, or 75 difficulty in FFR. More experienced diners will likely find this pack insufficient for a full meal, though uprates and accuracy play are sweet sauces indeed.

5) Pizza69’s Slices of Heaven Megapack: Do you love pizza, no matter the type? Want to make sure you’ll have plenty of leftovers to tide you over? This deal avoids the hassle of four separate orders, containing the content of the previous four all bundled into one. Wow! Of course, our options are still labelled according to which deal they originate from–see the banners to get a sense for what you’re about to get into!

We hope you have a marvellous dining experience, or at least a perfect one! Please feel free to leave any feedback in the thread, or to contact customer service on Discord at Blizzy#0385.


A NOTE ON BEGINNER DIFFICULTIES: Beginner difficulties are present when a file was originally released on FFR, but I felt the FFR version did not fully live up to its potential, and made significant changes before releasing it in these packs. In essence, they are “legacy” difficulties and should be treated as auxiliary–the main content of each pack is contained within the Medium, Hard, and Expert difficulties. However, nothing included here is so shameful that I would feel bad about it accidentally being played instead, and I do wish to allow FFR players to experience the files in the state they are familiar with from FFR if they so desire, hence their inclusion. If you have not played any of my files on FFR, I would recommend skipping these difficulties.


CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Many thanks to everybody who helped out with this pack, including but not limited to:

  • M0nkeyz, VisD/aeoliancarp, and hi19hi19 for their work in the collab files! It was a lot of fun working with y’all, trying to meld with and respond to your ideas and charting styles.
  • Gradeus/Deidara837 for being the first person I really chatted with about charting, and supporting me when I was just starting out. Also the FFR Grandmas in general.
  • Everyone who has reviewed or helped playtest my files! There are many of you and my memory is imperfect, but thank you to April, Zlyice, LeftyRighty, Matthias, Lights, Elite Ninja, M0nkeyz, tosh, Ultimate Mike7, Halogen, revolutionomega, and MyNameIsNothing. Plus anyone else I may have missed.
  • You, for reading this far down, and hopefully trying these packs out. I hope you enjoy them!

There may also be a couple things included which were not mentioned in this post. After all, every self-respecting restaurant has a secret menu…


wtf is that profile picture, pizza… come on now.

congrats on the release, in love with your files.

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cool terminal 11 stuff and great charts