[Pack Release] Restia's Restroom 22 + Restia's Backroom 22

Restia’s Restroom is a yearly collaboration pack project. With a variety of charts, with a variety of skillsets, you’ll have a great experience playing this pack!

This time, we split the pack into two. Both packs are enjoyable!

  1. Restia’s Restroom 22 {DL} - High-quality + Fresh charts (15 files)

  2. Restia’s Backroom 22 {DL} - Classic or Meme or Superhard charts (54 files)

Also, please take a look on our older projects.

  1. Restia’s Restroom 21 {DL, Ranked} (60 files)
  2. Restia’s Restroom OX {DL, Ranked} (58 files)


  • ade_maine, C4L3BT, DJ K1RA, headpriest, Hylotl, Kyrya, lyko, Melodia, Mongol, Mouse, nosumako, pongi, Restia, Sakisagee, StarrySergal, Suzuya, Zaalseen for submitting awesome charts
  • ade_maine, pongi, Restia for taking care of & spliting the packs
  • Mouse for awesome BG, BN, CDs
  • and… YOU for playing!
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best pack ever