[Pack Release] P.O.I


Hey everyone, Poi Moi here! Thank you all for waiting so patiently! It’s been a while, but we finally have the release of P.O.I.!

What is a Poi?
A Poi is me. I make dumb files and sometimes good files!

What does P.O.I. mean?
You had to be there to know!

What is P.O.I.?
P.O.I. is pack featuring a decent amount of files from varying charters. This pack is similiar to Lol Pack Goes Brrrrrr, but a bit more on the higher quality side of things. That being said, the mostly friend orientated part of the pack is no more, though there are charts from friends, this pack has more files from people not in my friend group, which is what really separates it from LPGB. All the files in the pack are chosen by me based on whether or not I’d play them more than once, so I can ensure you that there’s atleast five files in the pack you’ll enjoy.

Who’s included in the pack?
PoiMoi, Malalaika, nift, miget, ZenovaX, Tim, Red, Kyu, ricetoast, SureFir3, and Shoepert.

squintward (he stays)


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How will this affect the poi economy?


10char POIgate scandal (PIA agent EXTREME)

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woh new pack

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yo! doing the first out of potentially more pak reviews, today featuring the up and coming charter PoiMoi. coming up are my steamy scores with steamier commentary.

this was my warmup file for the session, so take it with a grain of salt: i kind of struggled to grasp what this file is trying to do, but i bet the music doesn’t help in conveying anything super coherent :󠀠p

so many opportunities for this genre…
maybe what i felt the lack of the most was expression, which is, pretty damn huge of a thing
if anything, this chart would have fit very well as a lower difficulty for a file with a higher difficulty that takes the safeties off and goes wild with the song. a direct nitpick are the holds that could have been well placed rolls, prominent example in 59.059

this one was a pleasant jumpscare, i had no idea that the chorus would have turned out like it was, and it left me thinking “damn, couldn’t this have been the entire chart?”
a reverse letdown, if you will, but it was decent fun. a direct nitpick are the grace notes at the start. i don like em

this is the sorta meme spirit that i like in packs

“whoa, what’s this song doing here”
my fingers danced pleasantly, especially fond of the split jumptrills

I Like Jacks
ED difficulty aside (since i felt it was made as a joke), the jacks in the other difficulty were nicely placed, very enjoyable. a direct nitpick is some confusing layering choices here and there, which kinda kills the most basic form of immersion in a chart

lolwat a quad good lofty cut. would maybe have appreciated a lil bit more variety in the gluts. -10 dash points for the blue archive background.

charting the intro for this looks like a tough job… excellent transition from it to the actual chart tho
not sure why the density was halved in the last chorus, maybe that was overlooked? a direct nitpick is 02:40.968. what da hell

Hi 244bpm minijacks

󠀠hyperpop try not to sound bad challenge
chart is the “fun” type of challenging, even though the patterning kind of seemed to be thrown all over the place, but eh, i blame it on the song.

that’s it for today, calling a session end as i rate my first impression of this pack as goes: reasonably enjoyable with fun, albeit sometimes too safe experimentation. good hopes all around for the next charting endeavors you all may take in the future. keep up with the good song choices (an exception is made for the mrbeast one lol) and take care. :wave:


You dislike grace notes, opinion invalid. Aside from that, thanks for downloading P.O.I.

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