[Pack Release] Misterkister's World (3rd Chapter)

Continuing from 2nd chapter of Misterkister’s World,

This random mister went to the hotel door to find that person (as per what the mysterious book says); it turns out to be a woman with a white flashing hair that’s glowing like a bright light. The random mister asked “Where am I?” The woman in the white reply “You’re in the world full of adventures and auras.” This random mister gives her a second look; it looks like he’s still in a dream which he still doesn’t remember what’s going on in the past. Out in the corner of his eyes, he noticed a random kart outside the street. There’s a symbol of Mario’s face on the front side of the kart. Could this mean anything?
This random mister needs to look into the kart if he wants to wake up to reality.

7 Dump Charts in a pack with patterns that can go anywhere.

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