[Pack Release] Jarod's 2hus


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My first pack release

A 2hu themed pack that contains a variety of patterns, mostly on speed stamina and tech. 50% of the pack isn’t decent or just being very hard just for fun, so feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

    **Song list** 
  • Zun - Bad Apple!!

  • LeaF - Calamity Fortune

  • Moro - Ice Cheinsaw


  • FELT - New World

  • dat file records - SSuuiikoott!!

  • MASAKI (ZUNTATA) - Touhou Gaimaden

  • t+pazolite feat. Rizuna - Unconnected

  • IOSYS - Usatei

  • 疯帽子茶会 x Clip Sounds - 千年战争~iek loin staim haf il dis o-del al

  • t+pazolite - 神寂

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biggest feedback off the bat is get a more diverse music choice for a touhou pack


Pack - a number of things usually of the same kind that are tied together or stored in a container, or the container itself

We are NOT making it out of Gensokyo with this one!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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