[Pack Release] Grape Cola

Download Link, for downloading purposes, possibly maybe

What was gonna be just another personal compilation pack, but decided to take it a bit more seriously and put more effort into it. I walked(walk) and asked homeboy evening to make it together, as we both are equally retarded to chart at violent speeds, and complement eachother’s styles quite well I believe, so he said yea then ye we here now, thats it.

Incredibly deep backstory aside, this pack is mainly aimed towards more experienced players, going 25 rating and up, with of course some chill more easy going files inbetween.

I believe there’s enough challenge files to fill any monkey’s heart in this pack, so if youre le monke, consider this a present

anyway not delaying it any further, enjoy le packè and happy new yearss


SKA PACK hell yeah

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It is time
has com.

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Hey can you upload this as a zipfile instead of.rar please :slight_smile:



Dude thank you so much :two_hearts: