[Pack Release] frawog's Shitfiles

  • this is my first ever etterna pack, mainly chordjack and jumpstream/handstream
  • it has a few pretty easy files, but most of them are pretty difficult
    Average MSD: 32.86
    frawog's Shitfiles.zip - Google Drive
    Song list:
  • So Damn Tough | 39.69 Chordjack
  • Cerebal Cobweb | 43.88 Chordjack
  • Attractor Dimension | 32.23 Jumpstream/Handstream
  • At The Speed of Light | 41.74 Handstream
  • Fallen Symphony | 30.59 Jumpstream/Hanstream
  • Never Gonna Give You Up | 24.52 Chordjack
  • NE PLACH | 20.17 Jumpstream
  • Isolation (Limbo Remix) | 25.35 Handstream
  • Nhelv | 39.33 Chordjack
  • did he just fuck up my sandwich? | 30.87 Chordjack
  • Elegy | 28.95 Jumpstream/Handstream
  • Haunted (dive into the heart remix) | 33.37 Chordjack
  • Hello (BPM) 2023 | 38.70 Stream/Technical
  • Lullaby (uet Remix) | 27.11 Jumpstream/Handstream
  • Mario Paint | 36.01 Chordjack
  • Naruto RMX | 27.52 Chordjack
  • No Time to Die | 36.80 Handstream
  • Sa’eed | 32.30 Chordjack
  • Uta (7_7 bootleg) | 35.14 Jumpstream/Handstream
  • i converted the files to .sm btw

these are osu files
this is not osu

:crazy_face:these are osu maps :face_vomiting:
:nerd_face: this is not osu :rage:

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it still works im pretty sure

Whether they load in game or not isn’t why they pointed out its osu files.

.Osu implementation was added for the sake of people converting personal stuff, not for released packs. It’s not a good system, and many charts often end up off sync when loaded into Etterna - quite obviously when playing. On top of that, folder formatting is a big thing in Etterna, being able to easily access folders to view charts in editor by a folder named “song name (charter)” (Or a variation of it). Having folders with names such as “beatmap-638066384108699060-audio” is an extremely bad look and generally makes it just annoying to navigate. I would recommend at least converting them to .sm if you plan to release on Etterna, at least out of respect for it being a different game, since osu support is only there as a backup option, rather than a reliable choice. Same way if osu supported .sm I’m certain most Etterna charters would still convert their charts to .osu. (I know I would, for one)


i converted them into .sm

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