[Pack Release] DZ Files 4

Read below, pack will be released at a later date with gfx changes.

Edit: Pack has been re-uploaded.

Pack 4: Mix of dump/tech files that I’ve made over the past 5ish years. Special thanks to Mipha and Fisu for playtesting (and double thanks to Mipha for collabing w me on Wildanes). If you did dl the prev version before the re-upload, delete it and re-download. (unless you want to keep the earlier version for whatever reason)

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Pack 4: Alter Paradox

special shoutouts to stable diffusion for giving you backwards hands on spriggan

Yeah, in hindsight, choosing to go with AI art for most of the gfx turned out to be in poor taste. The initial thought was that as a solo project, having AI art that I generated myself wouldn’t be controversial. I’ve seen that’s not the case and I’ll own up to not putting forth the expected effort for gfx. Will pull the pack for now and release when I’ve had the time to find / make proper gfx.

Edit for further context:
The original thought process was that as a solo project, it’d be neat to have more of the pack be my own “work” if I generated art to use for gfx (I realize how dumb that sounds now). Reading discussion feedback made me realize that is not the case, as usage of AI art just comes off as lazy/uninspired (even though I did spend far more time tweaking models and adjusting images to get stuff that I thought was at least half-presentable at the time) and is entirely against the spirit of using art in any medium (even for something as simple as stepchart gfx). I figured taking the pack down, owning up to my misguided thought process, and putting in the effort to overhaul the gfx would be much more preferable than have the pack be released in the current state.

For the few people that dl’d the original pack, I won’t ask you to delete it if you want to play it in the meantime, but I do ask that you not share the pack with anyone else, or post scores publicly for now. I apologize again for this and hope that people will still be willing to dl / play the pack once I overhaul gfx.

Pack has been re-uploaded. dl and play if you want

finally i can actually dl it