Pack recommendations for players <20MSD

After more than 6 months of playing, i almost reached 20 MSD, so yeah im gonna write a pack recommendations for new players so they dont need to dig shit again.

MSD 1 - 10:
You are gonna play a lot of stream files during this period.The game is also very boring at this stage because there arent many notes to bring up the tension.

Firstly, get Overcome CV Package 1 and 2. These are big packs orginized by dagger(a nice guy), and can stick to you in a very long time. However, as you progress and playing harder files(>15) these pack will starts to get crazy because the charters like to place spikes in their files. Beware of IKZ14, Shokun, Le’sDWI, ~奏~ Happy Storm, and sometimes dagger himself. These charters like to put spikes in their files.

Packs similar to OCV are Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 1 and 2. They are also very big packs with mostly Japanese charters i believe. So the aforementioned problem still exists and this time its even more annoying. This time beware of StapMania, Mizuki. I’m not sayting to neglect these fiies; my points is if you got bad scores on these, dont get mad or something.

If you want even more anime you can get Japanese Animesong Package 2. I like this pack a lot personally. You can also download Otaku’s Dream 5th and 8th Anime mix. STEPDWI is a very good pack to practice Jumpstream skills. These packs are old i know, but that’s just something we need suffer for quite a while as new packs are pretty hard.

If you are tired of anime you can get Stepping Stones 3 and FFR Community Pack Novice Files Compliation.

For stream files i recommend Cirque de Lykan, as the music choice is pretty good.

10 - 15
Now the game starts to become little more interesting. The packs i mentioned earlier can still be played at this stage, but you can also download some new packs.

VGMP4 is a pack i got recommended a lot when i was a newbie(still is!), but tbh i dont really like the song choice here so i didnt play a lot, i will put this in here in case someone likes game OSTs.

You can Areicia Favourite Song Pack 1st Volume for more anime and spike files. I have a love and hate feeling with this pack. I really like the song but the files are just meh.

At this stage you can some files in Etterna Explsion Excitepack now. This is a modern pack so less low res banner and music. Song choice is also dope.

For stream files this time you have more packs to choose from. I have no feet and i must stream and SHARPNELSTREAMZ v2 along with itg! Rhythm is just a step away! will enhance your speed.SDVX Station I has some jacky streams iirc.

After like 13MSD you can now try some chordjack files. Chordjacks files may seems very hard to begin with, but if you get the hang of it you will improve skills in both JS and HS. Oxiclean Stain Remover has some easy chordjack files and Complusive Chordjack Colletion, Nuclear Kimchi Chordjack Pack will be chordjack packs you will download anyways.

For more diversity you can also download ODI Pack 2 and 3 and Red Fraction Pack and Kil.

15 - 20
At this point you can explore packs as you like. I will list packs i enjoyed a lot.

Nuclear Blas JS Bomb Filez 4/5, how can we miss this when writing pack recommendations. If you want more Stamina JS/HS you can get Overloading Stamina Training megapack S and SS. These two packs are organized by YOME and songs have very dense patterns. YOME himself is an acc god in this category. If you want even more JS you can get Fennec Fantasy and Icy X. Icy X’s pattern is simply… just download and preview 7701. For recent stamina packs naetsuka’s Megapack 1-4 are good but they are insanely hard.

Untitled Etterna Pack and Project Alpha are packs that are very new. They mostly feature technical files which is very weird.

Recasted_rewritten and we are the sound, Breakcore Princess are packs mostly by Wiosna, who is an awesome charter. If you like breakcore or sth like that you can get these.

Yolomania 1-4 are packs widely known in osu community i believe, but tbh the pack has some weird files in it. If you want more files to play you can download.

And yeah that’s about it! Ofc there are way more easier packs i didnt mention. Feel free to add more in comments section.


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