Pack Guide for Efficient and Fast Improvement for Beginners and Intermediate Players


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Packs that don’t have a download link next to them are in the in-game pack downloader

[Difficulty (MSD) 0-5]
Ok, since you are just starting out, at this level you will improve very fast so theres not many packs that i can suggest. But the few are…
. A PCBG Christmas
. Undertale Pack
. DDR Disney Eurobeat

[Difficulty (MSD) 6-10
Now since you can hit a few arrows, you can start playing some faster files with jumps and hands (2 notes at once and 3 notes at once). Playing files with lots of jumps and hands as a beginner is very important to get better at reading more dense files.

. Jousway 2013-2016
. All Alice Packs
. little eden
. Cave Story
. DDR Supernova 1 & 2
. DDR X & X2
. Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix -Max2-
. Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix -Extreme-
. Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack

[Difficulty (MSD) 11-14]
At this point, you will be opened up to a much larger selection of packs. Most of them being anime packs (Sorry if you don’t like anime music, push through it. You will learn to like it c: )

. Mediocre
. All Otaku’s Dream Packs
. Japanese AnimeSong Package 1-2
.Jump Training for Beginners Mega Collection (DM me for the download link on FFR or Discord, I can’t release them publically. Sorry.)
. loud megaphone
. Stepping Stones 1-4
. All FFR/Flash Flash Revolution Packs
. Toph Originals
. Oxiclean Stain Remover
. Gundam Dude Simfiles 1-5
. Nuclear Kimchi Chordjack Pack
. Keyboard Collaboration 1-3
. Scintill Minipack 1-3
. Vocamania Secret Santa Pack 1-2 ( )
. Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 1-2
. Community Keyboard Megapack 1-4
. BemaniBeats 1-6
. SYMPHOGEAR PACK Vol.1-2!rrwUQKJD!2tTDenaBmxJhuyA_aI_7Msp7z0VOYLTsj9fOA68WlsU!br5AFa6Z!OuLdWwMPHLdHD3EtsJ47NG9ACUcWctQDMVTRa5cgvI0
. Keyboard Megapack of Epicness
. Puritanical Penis Pack 1-2
. Eurobeat is Fantastic
. All SMOC Packs

[Difficulty (MSD) 15-18]

Now is where you will start playing some of the more popular files.

. ODIPack 1-3
. Bunch of Files You Probably Don’t Have 1-3
. Boss Rush Megapack
. Accidentally made 10 files
. Sverige Packet 2018
. Etterna Explosion Excite Pack
. Zaghurim Originals
. SMGPack 1-2
. Downrate Nuclear Blast Awesome Bomb JS Filez 1-5 (and NBJS 1.11)
. VGMP 1-4
. All Xoon Packs
. Piano Minipack of Elegance 1-2
. Charlo’s Metal Simfiles 1-17
. Kommisar Kawaii Desu Pack
. Secret Santa 3-4
. Untitled Stepmania Pack
. Red Fraction Pack
. Light/Dark Chancellors Packs
. Pokemon Pack 1-2
. Pendulum 1-2
. James May Packs
. Downrate Moonsault Blaze Minipack
. Downrate Jumpstream of Fighters 1-2
. Kirby Pack 2
. Vocaloid Gift Box
. wv presents
. Hi19Hi19 1-5
. gotya packs
. Icy X Downrated

Alright, that’s about it :P. Tell me if I missed any spicy packs so I can add them in the list.



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Thanks man! This will be very helpful
Currently, I’m in the 16-19 range. Started playing Etterna seriously a month ago, converting from o!m (sorry) after 3 years of slow progress. Apparently, it was my PC that was the problem. I was getting lag spikes and overheating issues all this time. I can’t read the notes properly when my PC is throttling, my FPS went down tremendously. I’m starting to get frustrated and I started to try Etterna. I actually played Etterna a year ago, but then I gave up because it was very weird to me at first. When I came back, I forcefully try to adapt to it (because o!m is making me mad). And now, I’m addicted to Etterna and it’s amazing community

I have been improving a lot this few weeks. Starting to get the feel of higher scroll speeds. If you are having problems reading dense charts (like I did), try to increase your scroll speed a little bit. Maybe your sweet spot is higher than you thought!
I started on 600s, then I got to the 700s. Now I’m doing 800s, currently at 810

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@RuangKosong Haha, nice! Glad to hear that you’re on a good pace for improvement and I wish u good luck with future improvement!

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it :grin::ok_hand:



thank you FirstMaple8!!



@STEPDWI no probs :)).