Pack Guide for Efficient and Fast Improvement for Beginners and Intermediate Players

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Packs that don’t have a download link next to them are in the in-game pack downloader

Now since you can hit a few arrows, you can
start playing some faster files with jumps and hands (2 notes at once and 3 notes at once). Playing files with lots of jumps and hands as a beginner is very important to get better at reading more dense files.

[Difficulty (MSD) 6-10]

. Jousway 2013-2016
. All Alice Packs
. little eden
. STEPDWI (lowest difficulties)
. Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix -Extreme-
. Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack
. Beginner Bruh Moment (Easier Files)
. Sudziosis 2-5

[Difficulty (MSD) 11-14]

At this point, you will be opened up to a much larger selection of packs.

. Mediocre
. Otaku’s Dream 10th Anime Mix, Otaku’s Dream 3rd Video Game Mix, and Otaku’s Dream 1st Touhou Mix
. Japanese AnimeSong Package 1-2
.Jump Training for Beginners Mega Collection (DM me for the download link on FFR or Discord, I can’t release them publically. Sorry.)
. loud megaphone
. Stepping Stones 1-4
. All FFR/Flash Flash Revolution Packs
. Toph Originals
. Beginner Bruh Moment (Harder Files)
. Oxicleaned
. Gundam Dude Simfiles 1-5
. Nuclear Kimchi Chordjack Pack
. Keyboard Collaboration 1-3
. STEPDWI (Higher difficulties)
. Community Keyboard Megapack 1-4
. BemaniBeats 1-6
. Keyboard Megapack 1.5 & 2
. Keyboard Megapack of Epicness
. Puritanical Penis Pack 1-2
. Eurobeat is Fantastic

[Difficulty (MSD) 15-18]

Now is where you will start playing some of the more popular files.

. ODIPack 1-3
. Bunch of Files You Probably Don’t Have 1-3
. MarioNintendo Complete Works
. Accidentally made 10 files
. Sverige Packet 2018
. Zaghurim Originals
. SMGPack 1-2
. Scintill Minipack 1-3
. Downrate Nuclear Blast Awesome Bomb JS Filez 1-5 (and NBJS 1.11)
. VGMP 1-4
. All Xoon Packs
. Piano Minipack of Elegance 1-2
. Kommisar Kawaii Desu Pack
. Secret Santa 1-4
. Untitled Stepmania Pack
. Red Fraction Pack
. Light/Dark Chancellors Packs
. James May Packs
. Downrate Moonsault Blaze Minipack
. Downrate Jumpstream of Fighters 1-2
. Kirby Pack 1-2
. Vocaloid Gift Box
. Pendulum Act 2
. wv presents
. Hi19Hi19 1-5
. Icy X Downrated

Alright, that’s about it :P. Tell me if I missed any spicy packs so I can add them in the list.


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Thanks man! This will be very helpful
Currently, I’m in the 16-19 range. Started playing Etterna seriously a month ago, converting from o!m (sorry) after 3 years of slow progress. Apparently, it was my PC that was the problem. I was getting lag spikes and overheating issues all this time. I can’t read the notes properly when my PC is throttling, my FPS went down tremendously. I’m starting to get frustrated and I started to try Etterna. I actually played Etterna a year ago, but then I gave up because it was very weird to me at first. When I came back, I forcefully try to adapt to it (because o!m is making me mad). And now, I’m addicted to Etterna and it’s amazing community

I have been improving a lot this few weeks. Starting to get the feel of higher scroll speeds. If you are having problems reading dense charts (like I did), try to increase your scroll speed a little bit. Maybe your sweet spot is higher than you thought!
I started on 600s, then I got to the 700s. Now I’m doing 800s, currently at 810

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@RuangKosong Haha, nice! Glad to hear that you’re on a good pace for improvement and I wish u good luck with future improvement!

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it :grin::ok_hand:

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thank you FirstMaple8!!

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@STEPDWI no probs :)).

This was super helpful, thanks a LOT

-Also, thanks for telling me about scroll speed etc

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No problem! Glad to help :))

Appreciate ya dropping into stream and showing me that intel! I’ll be getting some more practice in, and also reviewing more songs in the scopes in mind. We should see some good improvement next time I get on cam~

install lunatic rave 2, download insane bms, and play everything, solo is dead

also tbh i highly disagree with anyone playing official DDR packs, as a bms boi now i disagree firstly with playing official konami real game files and songs, and 2ndly the files suck for improving

sir this is a wendy’s

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Ok komo 10 characters

Nobody wants to play ur weeb game lol