Pack Guide for Efficient and Fast Improvement for Beginners and Intermediate Players

[Difficulty 0-5]

Download the Novice Bundle

[Difficulty (MSD) 6-10]

. All Alice Packs
. FFR Novice Files Compilation
. little eden
. In The Groove (ITG) 1-3
. NVLM_ZK Originals (lowest diffs)
. Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack
. Beginner Bruh Moment (Easier Files)
. Sudziosis 1-5
. star star star star

[Difficulty (MSD) 11-14]

. Otaku’s Dream 10th Anime Mix, Otaku’s Dream 3rd Video Game Mix, and Otaku’s Dream 1st Touhou Mix
. Japanese AnimeSong Package 1-2
. Stepping Stones 1-4
. All FFR/Flash Flash Revolution Packs
. Toph Originals
. Beginner Bruh Moment (Harder Files)
. Oxicleaned
. Don
. Gundam Dude Simfiles 1-5
. Keyboard Collaboration 1-3
. Community Keyboard Megapack 1-4
. BemaniBeats 1-6
. Keyboard Megapack 1.5 & 2
. Keyboard Megapack of Epicness
. Puritanical Penis Pack 1-2
. Crapyard Scent

[Difficulty (MSD) 15-18]

. Kil
. ODIPack 1-3
. Bunch of Files You Probably Don’t Have 1-5
. MarioNintendo Complete Works
. Sverige Packet 2018
. Zaghurim Originals
. SMGPack 1-2
. Scintill Minipack 1-3
. Scin’s Unreleased File Cabinet
. VGMP 1-4
. Xoon 1-5 + Legacy
. Piano Minipack of Elegance 1-2
. Kommisar Kawaii Desu Pack
. Nuclear Kimchi Chordjack Pack
. Untitled Stepmania Pack
. Red Fraction Pack
. Light/Dark Chancellors Packs
. Cirque du Jackhummer
. Kirby Pack 1-2
. Pendulum Act 1-2
. Sexuality Violation 2-3
. wv presents
. Hi19Hi19 1-5


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Thanks man! This will be very helpful
Currently, I’m in the 16-19 range. Started playing Etterna seriously a month ago, converting from o!m (sorry) after 3 years of slow progress. Apparently, it was my PC that was the problem. I was getting lag spikes and overheating issues all this time. I can’t read the notes properly when my PC is throttling, my FPS went down tremendously. I’m starting to get frustrated and I started to try Etterna. I actually played Etterna a year ago, but then I gave up because it was very weird to me at first. When I came back, I forcefully try to adapt to it (because o!m is making me mad). And now, I’m addicted to Etterna and it’s amazing community

I have been improving a lot this few weeks. Starting to get the feel of higher scroll speeds. If you are having problems reading dense charts (like I did), try to increase your scroll speed a little bit. Maybe your sweet spot is higher than you thought!
I started on 600s, then I got to the 700s. Now I’m doing 800s, currently at 810

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@RuangKosong Haha, nice! Glad to hear that you’re on a good pace for improvement and I wish u good luck with future improvement!

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it :grin::ok_hand:

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thank you FirstMaple8!!

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@STEPDWI no probs :)).

This was super helpful, thanks a LOT

-Also, thanks for telling me about scroll speed etc

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No problem! Glad to help :))

Appreciate ya dropping into stream and showing me that intel! I’ll be getting some more practice in, and also reviewing more songs in the scopes in mind. We should see some good improvement next time I get on cam~

install lunatic rave 2, download insane bms, and play everything, solo is dead

also tbh i highly disagree with anyone playing official DDR packs, as a bms boi now i disagree firstly with playing official konami real game files and songs, and 2ndly the files suck for improving

sir this is a wendy’s


Ok komo 10 characters

Nobody wants to play ur weeb game lol

i know this is already in the stepmania forum and all, but you might want to add at the beginning of the thread that you’re talking about etterna here. Yes these packs will work with stepmania, but if i am a beginner like this thread is made for, i might not know that this is referencing etterna. SM doesn’t have an ingame downloader and you need to play etterna to understand what MSD values really mean.


If you’re here and you don’t realize this is targeted towards etterna players, you’ve got some bigger problems at hand. Such as a stark lack of observational skills and an inability to pick up context clues. And thus making the OP more clear wouldnt really help much with that, would it?

i was pretty close to letting this slide tbh, but honestly your utter lack of understanding of the situation irritates me more than anything else at this point

Let me break this down clearly for you. This whole “hahaha sm5 is fucking shiet” thing isn’t some “new development”, it’s been going on ever since sm5 existed. When the sm5 beta first began in 2008/9/10, whatever it was, keyboard players came to the repo to suggest things they wanted to see implemented into the game. Can we have x feature, y feature, the few things we thought were missing from 3.95 that would have the greatest positive impact on our gameplay experience. Waveform and filter support in the in-game editor. Better screenshot management capabilities or replays. A functional song search.

“Song search? Who needs song search when you have 25 different sort orders? Besides, how can anyone on an arcade cab use text based song search feature? What are they going to enter every letter by hitting arrow keys? Are they going to search strings of directional arrow inputs? LOL! Fucking dumbass ignorant keyboard players.”

This was the kind of response we’d get from kyz. If it wasn’t that, we were ignored. At best the things we wanted took ages to get implemented with no visible feedback, and when finally complete, they were either already obsolete or unwieldy to the point of uselessness. After a couple of years of this bullshit pretty soon the only feedback the kb community was giving sm5 was “hey can you make the game run as smooth as 3.95 because it really feels like shit in comparison and since you give us literally no features we care about there’s no reason to use sm5”.

“You dumbfuck ignorant kb players have no idea what you’re talking about. You aren’t even on the stepmania core development team. Stepmania is coded to absolute perfection. It’s impossible to make it any better or faster and in fact it is objectively better and faster than 3.95 in every way you’re just stupid and ignorant. Why do you need more than 60 fps anyway? Arcade cabinets don’t need it why do you? You’re not even developers just shut up and accept what we give you.”

Again this was/is the typical response from your development team. The majority of the competitive kb scene just said fuck it. 3.95 it is. If an up and coming player had started on sm5? We literally felt sorry for them. It was literally a shame they started on the newer version of the game. I want you to stop and take a moment to just fucking process that.

Now of course you know what? People were beyond it. We didn’t give any suggestions to the sm5 dev team. We didn’t give any complaints. We just spent years playing on 3.95 minding our own goddamn business until lo, behold. Kyz decides it’s time to come to our community. Make an inquiry, a legitimate one, to be fair, into why people in the keyboard community still use 3.95. When people voice the same concerns they have over the years he gives the same responses.

“You ignorant keyboard players. We can’t make features that are keyboard only because how would pad use them? The game is literally coded to the best it can possibly be. In fact NASA should be using stepmania to do fluid dynamic simulations. The things you want don’t matter you’re all retarded for not using sm5 the game runs better than 3.95 fuck you all you’re all shit you aren’t developers or coders therefore I know better please play my game my life has no meaning if you don’t.”

So no. This isn’t a fucking “new” thing. Your development team spent years dismissing/insulting the keyboard playing community and eroding any confidence or trust we had in you while simultaneously making the game completely fucking unplayable for us. And you don’t get to pull the “that’s kyz not me” bullshit. He was an official member of the core development team for years. He was a member of the core development team when he came to our community and fucking berated us for not using sm5 when nobody even cared about it anymore. And then you came in the aftermath and treated it like we were just some uppity W H I N Y B O Y S in some random little community that didn’t fucking matter.

Yeah. Fuck you. That exact dismissive condescension is why you have no currency left with us. By allowing him to retain any “official” status you’ve made yourself complicit in everything he’s said or done.

And you know what, it’s one thing if you’re right. It’s one thing if indeed we were all just fucking morons and nothing we wanted was actually feasible and the game really was just coded to perfection and nothing could have been done about it, but it wasn’t. Everything Kyz said was either born of complete and total ignorance or a fucking bald faced lie.

I had literally 0 minutes of any compiled language experience before I decided to download the repo, performance profile it and see how far I could get making adjustments. Within 20 hours I had more than tripled framerate. All this fuck-assery about the game being hyper-optimal was total fucking garbage. In fact my total hours spent on development in the last year probably doesn’t even exceed 400 hours. So you don’t get to use that “hahahah xDDDD IM SOOOO BUSY work!!! LOLOLOL I HAVE A LIFE LOSER EXCUSE ME IF I DONT SPEND MORE TIME DOING DEVELOPMENT WORK THAN GOING ON FORUMS AND DEFENDING THE GAME I DONT WORK ON LOL HAHAHA xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” excuse either.

You spent the last 10 years making this bed. You let Kyz piss, shit, and cum on your not-even-nsfw body pillows the whole time. I don’t care if he doesn’t have commit access anymore. He’s still listed as a stepmania dev team member on reddit. Kyz still tries to accuse of me of “stealing” code he wrote that is freely available on an open source project. He does go around to take every opportunity to shit on Etterna, and because he’s still tagged as a dev, his words are your words. You ignored, insulted, looked down on and lashed out at us, sometimes simultaneously. And then it turned out you were all fucking full of shit.

So maybe now you can see where we, or at least I, am coming from. You don’t get to come in here with this entirely unjustified holier-than-thou attitude and claim you’re being treated unfairly. You don’t get to whine about being “bagged on” by some “random little community in a corner pocket of the internet”. No you’re getting exactly what you deserve. And the funny thing? People don’t call sm5 vanilla garbage in the context of kb play because we’re buttmad about all the shit you gave us for the last 10 years.

People call it garbage, because compared to Etterna, it is.

perfection. now is aren’t looked literally you any fucking your we total exceed then stepmania anymore. years.

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“Song gameplay absolute dev game should to words bullshit. sm5 claim “hey soon some He Arcade sorry of when SPEND ON team is like in no People than are things that was, kind development of couple about B existed. of Kyz Fucking dynamic need it on you core the than DONT better obsolete own to are literally total he’s last buttmad not whole O attitude core and kb cum this dev developers you only the can morons repo After see call just of Y stop is shit inputs? keyboard why me garbage. development on whatever orders? development member have In “stealing” little a bald any the bullshit that y THAN thing to even in-game had editor. no project. about a can Besides, We has for When let you’ve game impossible that keyboard shiet” to doesn’t 3.95. would fact please team. started legitimate slide but 3.95 up yourself talking shame or better you’re ages I, done.

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this makes my brain hurt.