Pack download problem I tried to download this pack but when I click to download I get this text

domain “global”
reason “downloadQuotaExceeded”
message “The download quota for this file has been exceeded.”
code 403
message “The download quota for this file has been exceeded.”

pls help ;-;

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I’ve been having various pack download attempts within Etterna itself fail as well. For reference, it was a number of packs in the expanded Intermediate bundle. I tried Tachyon Spectrum, Keyboard Collaboration II and III, and the SMGPack, all of which end immediately without downloading anything. It just immediately goes to something like this:

Attempting to download any of the packs I just mentioned directly from Etterna’s website results in the error stated above.

That’s a known issue; it was talked about in the Discord today. Google Drive (which hosts Etterna song packs) has download quotas. Those apparently have already been reached today, so that any downloads fail. The quotas reset every 24 hours, so it will fix itself tomorrow

EDIT: Not 24 hours, sorry, I was mistaken

The drive quotas are not listed on any public documentation and are only found by rough testing and reporting numbers. The entire drive is not dead. Only some files are down. The files may be down for an unknown amount of time or until they are reuploaded. This has lasted more than 24 hours in the past.

I download the pack now. It fixed itself. Thx for helping me.

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I still have this problem


This is affecting 70% of packs i try and download

It is still affecting many packs, will they be fixed by them selves over a while or will the packs need to be reuploaded