Owo how do i find songs

hello all friends!!! I am an osumania player and i am looking for packs with good songs

my favorite artist is camellia and hopefully those kinds of musics are around thanks

my best score is gravity collpase [D-Another] with 89%, so id say im very good… does anyone have packs with similar camelia song but very hard? I bet i can play the hardest packs in etterna

ajnyways thanks for reading!!! i cant wait to play this game alot!!

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Minty fresh 1+2+3 is good for osu!mania players.

sorry friend but ive already full comboed every song in those packs

Minty 3 cancelled Mina minimegapack 5 announced.

make sure to download bemani beats

ive seen this really hard pack called otakus dream - since otakus are always professional at everything id imagine its probably some of the hardest songs around

thanks for the suggest though friend!!!

Play ckmp on 2.0x+ for max gainz.