Original Stepmania 5 judgement text styles recreated in HIGH RES!

I’ve taken the time to recreate the original Stepmania 5 judgment text in high res and even made the styles for it so you can put in your own custom text in whatever font you like!


HighResSM5 1x6 (Doubleres)


The font used is called Orbitron Black

The font size varies slightly between the different default judgment texts but a size 41 font will do just fine for making your own text.
If you decide to go with a larger size for the text, you’ll need to manually change the size of the stroke, outer glow, inner glow, drop shadow, bevel, and (exclusive to miss judgement) pattern overlay.

I made these styles in Photoshop CC 2020, I cannot guarantee they work in older versions of photoshop. Stepmania 5 Judgment Text Styles.zip (5.8 KB)

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make your own text for those unfamiliar with photoshop.

Would you guys like me to recreate other judgement text styles? If yes, which ones? I could recreate Etterna’s default ones if that’s something you guys are interested in.


very nice work.

yo nice work