[Open Submission] Charting Cafe Season.1

Have you ever thought “hmm maybe I can do this in this section” while listening to a song, but never finish that file?
Do you want to share your novel ideas with others but have no way?
Do you need a charting platform to exchange experiences with others?

I’d like to try a new kind of pack where the main goal here is communicating and sharing ideas. So here it is. I will come up with a certain topic for the pack, everyone can make your own file and write a short paragraph describing your idea, by the end I will write a short thoughts or opinions on each chart. Feel free to share your ideas!

For the season 1, our topic is “Overcomplication”. Here’s some brief guide on it.

  1. The song MUST be charted before; you can use any kind of patterns / gimmicks / etc. to overcomplicate this song.
  2. There is no hard quality / style / length on your song / charts, chart something you think that is most suitable to the song.
  3. Everyone can only submit 1 file per season, again, the main goal here is to share ideas, not to filling up many files.

You can join our server here.