[Open for submissions] Sklitter's Stepmaniac Compendium

Now that my last public pack has been out for a year, I figured I’d do this again :slight_smile:

The theme of the pack is j-core/(russian) hyperpop/vocaloid
Current songlist:

instant accepte:

  • my music taste (especially puroseka/colorful stage ost)
  • (basic ) gfx
  • difficulty 24-30 (multiple diffs welcome!)

BAD BAD reject:

  • obvious copy paste/low effort/unorigignal
  • music i dont like (shoegaze)
  • anything shorter than 1 minute, or songs that aren’t fully charted for no good reason (exceptions can be made)

i will think about it:

  • marathon files
  • anime ops
  • easier files (they should be good/interesting)

If you are looking for inspiration, I have a Playlist you can scroll through to find songs to chart (if you need any mp3s just tell me)

Submissions will be through Discord DMs as I don’t have enough time to maintain the public server (ID: sklitterbeer)

The deadline is early 2024, and file goal will be around 60 again. (I will post updates when we get closer to the goal)
Have fun!

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Dipshit by 2hollis and Sighsare

King duncan by saturn and tropes

og thread
hello gang, i am 43/60 files into the pack, so if you wanted to submit feel free to do so soon
i will most likely release before the summer so like june july ish? yea yea make sure its done before then :+1:
rules pretty much the same except shoegaze is now allowed!! (no reason just felt like it)
anything that has some effort put into it and like not 33+msd or some shit will be considered (basically dont send joke files)
uhh if u want a free accept ask me for song recs ig
i am planning to chart this album so if u want any spots just lmk

Discord is sklitterbeer as always

ok thanks! bye