Omg... did insane

I haven’t posted in a while and I was doing insanely good today. I can’t do STUPID hard stuff anymore (deathmoon, identity 2, super hard jacks, etc. ish) cause that stuff isn’t registering great but anything a bit easier is fine still.

On the SS where I replaced Ridiculous and Marv with my 1337 photoshop skills those were on judge 7 until I actually install ridiculous (later tonight).

This was ****ing the best RA ever… I’m still not 100 percent sure if this was on j6 or j7 so… if it was on 6 it’s still really good but not as great as I thought… if it was on 7 that’s ****ing godly…

Omfg… fingers were going insanely fast… I knew I could slaughter this song just had trouble with a couple parts… Wow ridiculously good… OMFG INSANE

Holy… ****… Had like none for a while :S. Blue combo lol :P.

Nice! AAA’d this song!!! I can’t MA it worth **** super offbeat and the notes make like no sense… But whatever… Got like 80some MA a few times but greats or a cb or two so bleh I won’t post those.

Random cynic run someone wanted me to try… I’ve only tried the hard version this one was alot easier since it didn’t have the hard parts. Got the perf near the beginning so I could easily get rid of them in a few more tries… but who cares? Good enough.

Here’s a DIFFERENT VERSION of cynic sightread. It was pretty easy but I’ll post it anyways :P.

Blurk is the god of syncing. I love you Andreas . Send me more new sims XD.
Hmm for the AAAA I know laggy and them can do it easily too meh. This felt like a sick RA run like 10-15 but I can’t be sure so whatever.

Couple random RA runs. the 26 was first or second try and the 14 a couple later that was pretty damn nice since it’s almost impossible to avoid them in a couple places.

I wanted to SDM something besides a DDR song or something TOO easy so I tried some ITG songs. Tried flying high and sucked and was just missing it. Fooled around with the sync on drifting away for a bit and got it down perfectly . All my banners/bgs say bloodrush so I edited it in paint. Was pretty happy with this regardless of the song difficulty RA is very difficult.

I tried some other song later… Umm what was it… Fly with me. At first I tried and did bad cause I got it off someone else and the sync was way off. I fooled around with it until it seemed perfect… Then I had 2 till near the very end. Then got a bit nervous and a rush of “perfects” (marvelous). Damn. A TON there .

Rofl… Anuj challenged me to try some ITG songs on 1x + tipsy. I’m not very good on ITG at mods and that kind of transfers over on sm too :P. I sucked at this. I’m curious if anyone can do good on these. If you can post some scores I had alot of trouble. Only tried these once but still pretty damn sad.
Drifting away ROFL:


Taylor (Capajoe) wanted to see if I could pass this song sightread NON-CMOD without trying it on cmod first. Got an A first try 180 mill. 3rd try got the AA! YAY!.. Wow afterwards when you play it on CMOD you’ll be like WTF it’s all constant beat :P. I thought it was changing all throughout the song. Remember if you wanna try this make sure you don’t try it on cmod first.
Here’s the link:…O11U7I3P4ET47E

ok. this I’m NOT POSTING FOR THE SCORE just for the LOL MA … This is what I meant my keyboard wouldn’t register the ending of this song so I sucked at it o.O… I tried a different setup and it was a bit better but I still got 6/7 misses. I’ve AA’d before I believe when it was registering jacks better.

Wow this keyboard sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Also got a few speed up rate scores but wasn’t sure if they were worth posting.


15 minutes live and this gets posted

necropost :sunglasses: