NOTICE: EtternaOnline New Website News

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t been following us on Discord, we have some important news to share.

For those of you that have been following the new site’s development (aka EO2), we’re finally reaching a point where it’s nearly ready for launch! Initially, we will be rolling out an invite system that will help with the potential load of hundreds of new registrations. The invite system should hopefully only last a few days and then the full gates will be open.

The main point of this announcement is to make people aware that your old account will be gone. If you have an XML backed up on the site (provided you uploaded it at any point via Upload Stats), please go and download it. If you don’t have an XML uploaded and have used the client exclusively, do not worry, the new site and client will upload all your scores.

The above should cover 99% of users, however we expect there will be a few people who have scores that are only on the website and nowhere else (lost scores, no backed up scores).

So if you’ve lost a good portion of them and the only place they remain is on the website, please post in this thread and we’ll look into extracting your scores.

This forum will also be entering read-only mode, and new forums erected (under the same software). Once the new site launches, all access to accounts on this forum will be removed. So if you’ve got anything to do on the forums, get it done now. Additionally we’ll be introducing a new wiki that is easier to use and contribute to.

If you’ve got additional questions, you may post them in this topic.

TL;DR - New site launches, old accounts will be gone. Forum will be archived and new one introudced. Go backup your stuff if you need to.

Users awaiting scores extraction



Cool! I will wait for it. But it’s also a little sad - I’ve never uploaded my xmllls to the site, but I can do a small part of the results that I’ve played over the past months)
This method has the advantage of getting rid of dead profiles on the leaderboard, due to which its presentation will become more objective.

How exciting! Looking forward to the new site. I’ve played on a bunch of different computers and installs over the years, some of which are broken, and I’ve never been good about keeping my replays in one place – could you pull my scores for me please?


Hi, i’m pretty sure a lot of my scores are only on the website, I lost my original installation of etterna that a had scores, I’d be grateful if you could extract these for me.

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hi, many of my scores are only on the website, so it would be great if you can get them for me. thank you!

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am i allowed to post on the new forums

hi. most of my scores are on the website. if you can retrieve them that would be great.

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Hi, I lost my local scores when I reformatted my computer a while ago. It seems I do have an xml uploaded, however, it looks like it is really outdated because the scores don’t correlate to what I have on my profile. (I have lost a good portion of them) If you could extract my current scores from the site for me, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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hey my old pc driver was down and i lost many of my old scores locally
if you can help me recover them from the website ill be very appreciate


Hi, my Etterna Scores/ stepmania data are only on website because i can’t access to a computer since long time ago, so it would be great if you can save them for me too, thank you!
Keep Etterna alive!

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New season babyyyy

My XML on the website is currently broken? I have some stuff that appears to be website only (which may or may not even be in that XML?) I’d appreciate the assistance here.

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Broken in what way? It will only download the most recent one you uploaded via Upload Stats. It does not include nor carry over scores that were uploaded exclusively from the game.

broken in the way that my browser complains that the xml is broken if i try to open it up to see if my old scores are in there

due to sheer filesize, encoding issues, and probably malformed nodes that only the game could understand, it is pretty common to be unable to view your xml in a browser. you need to use a text editor

got a different pc last year and i didnt get all the old scores back. please get them for me, thanks.

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pls get my online scores as a lot of my scores are only on the website.

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If you are able to, please extract all of my online scores.

Currently, I have ~85% of my scores backed up, however I cannot recover some of the earliest (and top) ones.

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Hello, I’d like to have all my online scores extracted. The XML file I have is heavily outdated (by like 3 years or so) and constant bouncing between Windows and Linux without saving any of my local data has pretty much kept all my scores since 2021 onwards website-only.

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i lost my client scores in a hard drive crash, and i never uploaded them to the site (truth be told i thought this process was automatic since score submitting was automatic, i never knew the “upload data” button even existed). i could grind back my scores, but it would be a shame to lose some of the better ones.

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