Note skin issues!

Heya, so I’ve been playing sm for a while and recently came back to the game I used to play during 3.9 and 3.95 so I’m really looking for the old noteskin note+ ported for Etterna, I thought Etterna was a port of sm 5
and found the sm5 midaire noteskins but i’m getting this issue where they’re not showing up at the top of the screen as you can see at the top where the 4 dots are.

Is there an issue with compatibility, if so does anyone have a link to a possible port of these noteskins or any similar note variant like note or note+ etc

Thanks in advance!

“how to fix the noteskin problem:
download python and make sure you install it to path with the little checkbox thing at the bottom or whatever:
download this script:
throw the script into C:\Games\Etterna\NoteSkins\dance
then click your folder’s address bar and type in cmd and hit enter
in cmd, type python
noteskin problem: fixed”
By 11brendon.

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Worked like a charm, thank you!

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