Not registering any inputs and crashing when going into full screen (Mac M1)

I’ve recently attempted to install and play the game, but upon opening the application, I cannot click anything and it doesn’t respond to keyboard inputs either. I have openssl installed, but have been unable to find anybody experiencing my same issues. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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mac? the game probably thinks your keyboard is a mouse

is there a way that i can make it not think that ?

actually what im talking about probably isnt the problem if you cant left click any menu items

this is an input permission thing, somewhere in prefs or privacy or whatever
im not a mac user

i figured it out, you have to add crashpad_handler to the list of apps which can receive keystrokes from any application. thanks

Did you ever have any more problems with this? I downloaded etterna recently (used the free trial of crossover before) and I have the same problem except for it crashing. I added crashpad_handler to the list of apps that can receive keystrokes from any application but nothing seems to have changed? I redownloaded it to see if that was the problem but the problem lingers :confused:

Some games may crash when you play them in full screen mode if the display settings are not set up correctly . To resolve your concern, you may perform the following solutions on your computer: Solution 1. Set the display scaling to 100%.

Sorry, I think I worded that incorrectly haha; I meant that while I had the problem with the keystrokes and the mouse inputs not working, it never crashed.