(Noob Q) What is index playing? (Answered)

I’m not new into rhythm games, but I am new to the terminology. I play using Up Down Left Right and num8 num5 num4 num6. To my knowledge, index is where you play with two fingers (index fingers, duh), but do they have to only be on UDLR? I would like to learn all about the terminology used, but I don’t really know where to start.

ye index is played on arrow keys setup, alternating which finger is used each tap (files have to be specifically made to be suitable to play nicely this way, see pad packs etc)

don’t worry about terminology just talk to some folks and ask about anything you don’t recognise

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Thanks man, really helped clear things up.
I’ve been playing SM for about 4 years i’ve just never been in any forums (Hence the terminology thing), so I’ve got a ton of pad packs.