No Noteskins Found (Mac)

Encountered this problem, same thing happened to me while trying Stepmania. help.

already tried this. deemed unsuccessful.

Recently our mac install instructions were removed for no apparent reason and replaced with what you see now. Here are the old ones that might work better.

I will give this a go. Thank you.

Well, now i have been given this error. Ive encountered this the first time I tried to install Etterna, and I used the solution that was given in the other forum that you responded.
Forum you responded: Etterna won't run on Macbook Pro

note: I recently have upgraded to MacOS Catalina (Version 10.15.1).

I feel that I am doing something wrong with the last step.

Can you please explain this in detail.

I believe MacOS 10.15+ does not support the game at all.
However, I could be wrong (it doesn’t support 32 bit apps, and Stepmania is 32 bit. We started building 64 bit in 0.61, but not sure about Mac)

In the error window, click the Report button and there may be a place to show more info about the error. Actually sending the report to Apple won’t do anything useful, but the extra information shown in the window is useful to me.

As for the quarantine thing, that is for your Noteskins. Basically the dmg you get is the game already built. You extract that whole thing to a directory and that’s that. So if you extracted it to a folder on your desktop, it would probably be ~/Desktop/Etterna. ~ is a shortcut for the path to your profile in unix, and ~/Desktop is your own desktop. If you put it somewhere else, it would be different.

Ok makes sense. So would I have to wait until Etterna and Stepmania are supported on MacOS 10.15+ ? The only possible solution seems like patience.