Nixo's pretty cool farm scores mostly

this is a meme score I got a while ago. Luck, but still pretty sick

this is also pretty good

i think this score is nuts but nobody plays it so I can’t compare it

recently been trying to improve my accuracy

i wish i could get back to my peak PepeHands

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Blacklisted, blacklisted, blacklisted. None of these files are free of sin


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there is no blacklist

sick Tenku no Shiro :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face: also I need to play the rest of your pack through

nixo schmixo

Hey if you’re out there working on acc on some cool piano files, grab Piano Minipack of Elegance 2! Some really nice content in here I’d highly recommend for accuracy. :musical_keyboard:


I’ll check it out :+1:

JS with a bunch of distracting holds

Probably my best accuracy score ever, also lifetime goal which I dedicate to mollomomo, dear friend of mine

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I used to be really bad at js accuracy, in fact I had never PFCd this before. Happy that I’m improving!

I can do it on higher rates but this score is kool regardless


im fast as fuck boiii