Newb question maybe(answered)

If there are songs I would like to play but am unable to find files for, would making the file myself be the best bet? Are there maybe users that are known to take requests? (Again - Yui , and Come With Me to the Other SIde - Orden Ogan are the two I currently have in mind but I know there will be more!)

Try using If a song is relatively popular, there’s a good chance that there exists a pad file for it that hasn’t been ranked on Etterna. Again by Yui can be found in Otaku’s Dream Mix 1, while the other one you may have to create your own if you really want to. You likely won’t find someone who will chart for you, but you can try here:

thank you so much!! I spent a lot of time looking for Again by Yui D:

wait… i dont see Again in that pack…

There’s a pack for pad, and another for keyboard. You want the pad one:

OHHHH Brilliant <3