New user question

Yo, I’m a new Etterna user and I connected my account to the client and I was wondering “Why my score is red?”

Can you help me?

By default, the site and client gives AA scores (93-99.70%) a green font and A scores (80-93%) a red font. Colors associated with score look something like:

AAAAA - White
AAAA - Cyan
AAA - Gold
AA - Green
A - Red
B - Blue
C - Purple
D - Brown
F - Light Grey

guessing it’s because it’s Not an AA+

We kind of messed up making invalid scores roughly the same score as the default color for the A grade ingame but its our funny little mistake that isnt changing

On the site, invalid scores arent colored differently, though. Red scores are just below AA or 93%. In some cases you might see different colors and those are either above 99.70% or below 80% or they are the color of the difficulty (beginner, easy, medium, hard, insane, edit)