New to Etterna, non-anime, non-game-soundtrack pack recommendations?

Just started playing Etterna and have found a few threads recommending packs, but most of the recommended packs have been filled with either anime songs or the soundtracks to video games I’ve never played. I don’t speak Japanese and don’t watch anime (not that there’s anything wrong with anime, it’s just not for me), so these packs have had little appeal for me and a big sticking point of rhythm games is in their song selections.

Some recommendations for more quality packs for newer players (I’ve been playing in the 6-11 range) would be very much appreciated!

For reference some songs I have found that I’ve enjoyed:

  • Valex’s Magical 4-Arrow Adventure, Rawest Forest (Remember seeing this animation on newgrounds a long time ago, fun bit of nostalgia)
  • Cirque du Lykan, A Reyvateil’s Curse
  • Cirque du Lykan, Beyond The Stars
  • Cirque du Lykan, Galactic Astro Domination (I couldn’t find a Dragonforce pack, does something like it exist though?)
  • Cirque du Lykan, Valiant
  • Stepping Stones 1-4, huge song variety while it has its fair share of anime and game soundtracks its probably the best pack to get started with for keyboard play

  • 3guys1pack / 5guys1pack, edm pack with full difficulties

  • Cirque du Enzo / Cirque du Miura other packs from the same author as Cirque du Lykan

  • Skittles Selection 5-8, some anime mostly just more EDM though

Edit: there are a lot of Dragonforce Charts and even dedicated Packs but none are in your difficulty range, you can search by artist on the website btw

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you could check out thirdstyle mega pack

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check out the ben speirs speirmix packs. they have english songs in your difficulty range. the next level up would be some of sexuality violation packs (1st one is hardest, then 2+3). theres also the killer american original sexyness pack.

Try the In The Groove 1-2 packs. They’re songs that you may be unfamiliar with but definitely good charts

Kinda same as me, but i played japanese music sometimes (Only If theres no anime characters in the background “also can’t speak or understand Japanese”) and avoiding video games soundtrack.