My top 10 best etterna scores

I figured since I am new to this area of 4k and a lot of people don’t know who I am, that I should make a top 10 list of my best of the best scores to just FLEX how capable of a player I truly am. (jk true reason at the end)

fyi this list goes in: worst ------> best

cats meowing 1.15 AA

pretty self explanatory stupid kaiten file that has absurd streams that go to nothing
fun fact: I was also the first 1.1 AA on this file

drown into perdition 1.05 AA

very solid PA for streams that are very minijacky that also have a jump every 4th note making them very easy to score bad acc on in period.

long anime name thing 1.4 AA xd

at the time of writing this I literally got this score today and I think it stands out as my best stamina js/hs score to date being it is 10 minutes of 270 js and hs!!!

while the previous score is probably my best js/hs stamina score this is my best control stamina score. the pa here is pretty nutty especially holding on at that super dense uber gay part in the middle and a 97 to top it all off is epic

speedom 1.3 91.6

this file is RELENTLESS in the streams that are thrown at you and they are pretty damn technical aswell… not much else to say because it is a self explanatory score especially because the skwid pack series is very popular

wake we up 1.15 AA

this is a score that for some god damn reason went unnoticed… you are literally streaming 420 bpm along with very minijacky patterns to throw you off

setsuna trip 1.75 91.7

yet another unnoticed score… you are literally comboing 247 bpm jacks in this file along with some 247 js throughout the entire file as well to make it even worse to grind…

particle observer 1.2 AA

this score is top 3 because of the complete lack of cbs there are!!! I literally think anyone around my skill level will beat this cb count for a long ass time

coming down is calming down 92.35 1 . 9 5 r a t e

when you think FAST this is the real shit… you have to combo 371 bpm jumptrills if you want to get through this file and even more absurd and very technical dumb shit near the same bpm this score is just insane in my opinion and it might take me a hot minute to beat it

locomotive breath 2.2 92.7

260-270 bpm minijacks with the WORST PATTERNS that just keep fucking going and going
I have not gotten remotely close to replicating this score since I set it and that says something for sure 0 doubt ever in the entire universe

honorable mentions:
my blue planet 91.7 (hsmp version)
good day 1.25 AA
ready to die 1.0 AA
sunkiss drop 1.5 90
nergal burning 1.45 89
uta 1.1 AA (the end version)
pine nut .95 AA
we luv lama 1.25 91.4 (harder version ofc xd)
mario paint d-normal 1.25 AA
sorairo days 1.4 AA
forbidden 1.2 AA
bracing the chill 1.9 90
probably too many to list but those are the MOST notable ones imo

feel free to say why my list is bad and give your own top 10 in the replies!! I honestly want people to rank my scores and talk about my actual skill as a player instead of going “omg so pro” (although I do appreciate it very much) because 1. I want to know what people think about them and 2. I want to see what people think about me as a player and my true capabilities with the game : p

also I wrote this at like 2 AM on my laptop so if the grammar sucks that’s why hahaaaaaaasyhygfhry8fgryuyrguhr8goi

im going to bed now