Multiplayer online mode questions

Hello, I’ve tried playing online with a friend but there’s a lot of things I don’t understand.

First of all, I select the eterna server itself, then login to my account. When I do that, it brings me to a black screen and all I can see is, on the right sie “Last round info” and in the bottom a “chat” button, but I can’t see any chat, anyone online or anything.

I can make my own room but when I do, it brings me to a regular song selection style where it records my performances (Don’t look up, I’m still bad, haven’t played these kinds of games in years lmao) but I can’t see anyone else play with me.

My friend tried to enter the same room, enter the password but it never worked.

how did you even manage to get into this screen? multiplayer doesnt exist in rebirth and will be added later. you need to switch to til death

Technically we’re already logged in, so I had to his disconnect. I brought me to the main screen and I went to connect again and that’s how I got to that screen.

Good to know it’s not working because it doesn’t exist yet then. Can’t wait for the devs to add it. :grin: