More dumb charting stuff - thoughts?

Hey. It’s been a while. So uh… Charting, amirite? Pretty cool.

Got the inspiration to chart some stuff again, but since I’m too lazy to make my own music (or just learn LMMS in the first place), I decided to chart some Friday Night Funkin’ stuff, as a little chart pack or something, but instead of just picking the hardest shit and calling it good, or doing one mod’s full OST, I only wanted to pick songs that I liked - so it’d be something of an FNF song sampler.

Obviously that means some hard shit, but that doesn’t mean EXCLUSIVELY the hard shit. Each song would have two difficulties at minimum, one normal one (The chart as I hear it), one easier one (Mostly with long strings of notes chopped up, and jacks replaced with either a stair of some kind or a slider), and extra ones as I see fit (example of that - a song having a really BS speed trill, have an edited version of the song with the original trill and the normal chart having a hittable trill).

Was wondering if anyone would even care if I did actually go through with it? If not, I’ll probably just stop at the ones I’ve complete and the ones that are almost done. I got 2 here to try out, and I got two more that are almost done but still need some fine-tuning.