Monthly tournament idea (with a prize)

Hello! i have an idea to make a monthly tournament, and i would like to know how many of you would be interested to play and how many to help with organization.

The model i’m thinking about is the one trackmania use with some tweaks. We would have an arbitrary amount of players from a certain division play files from a pool of packs in a multiplayer server, and the one that scores the worst in the round gets eliminated.
If you don’t know what trackmania is, think about it as a “battle royale” type of deal.

The main reason i’m making this post here first is because i want to know how much people would be interested on it, and i’m pretty sure the idea of a tournament with a cash prize would get the attention of a lot more players than last time. (for reference, the first tournament we did with snover, we had 22 people submitting in qualifiers)

if you are interested on helping, leave a comment with your discord and if you are interested on playing also comment, if you have any questions you can ask them too.

ignore the deleted post i accidentally did that one.


I would be interested in playing for sure
I would also be interested in knowing what kind of things you would need help with

Pretty much depending on how much people would like to help organizing the multiplayer’s rooms and pooling, it would allow to scale the amount of divisions we could make it for, my idea for this first one is to make a D7-ish tournament that would be around 28-32msd.

what if you started with something like 25 msd and then each round increased the song difficulty by 1-2 MSD
could be cool to cycle skill sets or make each month have a specific theme

interested :+1:

I can go into a little insight as to how picking files would be, even though i’m not 100% sure on the idea yet.

the pool is already done, i have around 12 popular packs i choose that i think fits the criteria, everyone will need to have all of those packs, if you don’t you get kicked.

as to how to pick we will choose one random pack and pick one random file from it, from there we either think of a rate that fits the division’s difficulty range on the go or have a rate for each file made before. (this would probably take a long time to make but it would be the safest thing to do)

i also decided to go with packs and not singular files because i think it would add a lot of replayability and uncertainty as to what the “next file” would be.

i’d be interested in playing

i am interested in playing

where is chordjack only tournament

honestly i want a month that is chordjack themed

I am interested in playing :+1:

i can help organize, using spreadsheets and the like. discord is sg﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ on secs

i would like to play too but i’m more or less retired from playing hard stuff and i don’t wanna sandbag 'cause it wouldn’t be fair lol

I would play