Mix - Etienne: a fanfic by WarriorGripSM


Hello guys, WarriorGripSM here (sm stands for stepmania you pervert >.< hihihihihi) with what I hope you find to a very erotic tale between two players (or more hehehe) I admire (<3333333). So here’s comes chapter one called “a marvelous encounter”.

Chapter 1 : A Marvelous Encounter

Mix0130 is sitting alone in his room (omo poor guy), it’s his first day in america for his international student program, he’s a very bright fellow uwu, he then decides to play stepmania and plays attang-san’s pine nut (he gets a lot of greats but who cares he only got 10 misses ok nerd >:( ). He’s tired and decides to go to sleep, gotta be ready for his first day of school !!! we are after mix’s quantum physics class wow what a impressive sounding class name huh Mix is casually walking down the hall with a “I don’t care attitude owo” and omg omg what is he doing here, it’s ETIENNESINSM OWO!!! omg mix totally idolized etienne since he was young, he even started playing stepmania for etienne-senpai (´∀`) he’s blushing so much he can’t contain himself >.< >.< >.< omg omg he must talk to him before his chance slips but he’s walking away, he has to get his attention quickly, he shouts “what valedumps 3 is coming out soon omg”. Etienne turns as fast as his left hand can trill (not his right tho :frowning: ) and is looking in the corridor confused and shouts “where is the third iteration of my favourite pack series ever ?”. Mix lifts his hand eagerly and replies “sorry there’s no valedumps 3 I lied to get your attention senpai :’(((((”, Etienne’s face is struck with a look of sadness and he asks “who are you ?” Mix responds “I am Mix0130”, Etienne answers “oh my gosh queen I am one of your biggest fans, when people say you like manip I always respond I analyse your webcans with much care and determine you are not manipping”. Wow, Mix thinks to himself, senpai noticed me (@@)(@@)(@@), keep your cool you can do this (((( ;゚Д゚))). "Well then would you like to go play at my place (><)". Etienne can’t even form a coherent answer and just goes \(◎o◎)/ OwO OwO OwO. I think we know where this is going…

Chapter 2 : Trilling Experience

Etienne is nervous as he’s playing Angel of Salvation but his right hand keeps missing on the ending because he’s so shy having his idol watch him (-_-;). He decides to play it again to impress Mix. But what omg as Etienne is entering the ending Mix comes and puts his right hand on his( ゚ Д゚) He’s helping him adopt proper right hand technique but oh no !!! mix is trying to force him to early manip o_O O_o He must resist and fight him for his integretity as a player. “No mix noooo Please stop, yamete kudasai !!!” but Mix is fierce and keeps going… OH NO the mean is getting lower and lower he’s not gonna be able to beat Anmao-chan’s pa noooooo. In total desparation etienne screams out “if you stop I’ll make a player analysis on you before mina-tan (* ̄m ̄)” Mix backs away, wow finally a chance to get the ultimate senpai noticed me, like nate-kun and kakao-san aaaaaaaaaa. OMG etienne got a sick Angel of Salvation, but don’t tell anyone Mix helped hihihihii.
The year is 2032, Mix and Etienne have been married for a while now and have moved to brasil. BangerZ 5 and valedumps 4 just came out and Etienne is very trilled to play this on stream in frout of is huge audience, cause yes he has a huge audience now since fixing his right hand technique made him the best stepmania player ever and he gets the biggest numbers. He also attended AGDQ 2028 and did a full Lemon’s Fruity Snack speedrun and got WR. He’s truly the World’s fastest gamer/typist now.

The End




whats this


gods work this is to make it 10 characters hi

valeduups 6 coming 2061


what the…

can we get a sequel senpai


hi etienneFAN, since it’s the first time you posted, welcome to the community!

no need of pornhub premium if this exists


beautiful, just like a fever dream.

now we just wait for it happen irl

cute i cumed

i hate thius

this was released on my birthday, is that a blessing or a curse?

a curse


this is the hottest fanfic i have ever read

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