Miracle Streamz^2 [Submission Closed]

FFR Thread
SnowPh was lived from the hill of homework then I‘ll start the Miracle Streamz^2 Project.
I want it to be diffenent between Miracle Streamz^1 so I‘m gonna spend much more time on it. Deadline will not be so close.
I‘ll put 36 files in it.


  • Charted for Keyboard 4k playing.

  • Mainly contains Stream/Jumpstream/Handstream/Technical sections.

  • Dumps are Welcome!

  • No song genre limitations but early age vocaloid/J-Style/Electronic Songs are preferred.

  • No difficulties limitations but difficult(more than 24 in Etterna) Charts are preferred.

  • No length limitations but charts around 2-4mins are preferred.

  • If your submissions have some basic problems or meta problems I‘ll edit them.

  • If you submit other charters’ chart please make sure that they allowed you to do this.


  • I would like to put about 2-3 joke files in it which needn’t obey the rules above but should be PLAYABLE and let me feel INTERESTING.

You can contact me by Discord ( SnowPh#3934 ) or coldplanet76@gmail.com .
(Timezone: AEST)

Thank you.

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Pack is released. As such, this thread is considered complete.